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Mirena Coil

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Happymummy8888 Sun 17-May-20 21:03:52

Hi I got the mirena coil fitted last week in feb was meant to get the check up but cancelled due to Covid.

I bled more often than not for 8 weeks had a heavy bleed then light spotting and last two weeks no bleeding at all. I’ve tried to feel the ‘strings’ but can’t. I rang the FPC where I got it fitted and the doc said she would be confident that it’s in place even though I can’t feel the strings they can be hard to locate.

I am panicking I could be pregnant lol is this normal mirena coil behaviour??

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Bells3032 Sun 17-May-20 21:07:21

I had bleeding on and off for like 8 weeks and then haven't had a period in nearly 5 years. so I think that's normal but if you're worried take a test. I can't feel my strings at all.

maleficent53 Sun 17-May-20 21:12:33

Had my first one about twenty years ago. Dont worry sounds normal it can be hard to locate the threads. I had intermittent bleeding initially for 3 months then nothing for many years, even when they are replaced.

Teacaketotty Sun 17-May-20 21:15:52

Sounds pretty normal to me, I bled more often than not for the first few months - now I get normal but heavy periods. I can feel my strings sometimes but not always. They didn’t offer me a check up appointment afterwards but all has been fine.

cardibach Sun 17-May-20 21:18:26

I get no periods at all. Had one for 15 years. Never even tried to find the strings...

DivisionBelles Sun 17-May-20 21:21:33

I had one put in last week too after polyp removal and to help with heavy periods. Other than the post-polyp removal bleeding I've not bled at all. Am due on this week, so we shall see. I can feel the strings, just, but they are a long way up and feel quite short.

ScarletFever Sun 17-May-20 21:28:52

sounds normal to me, remember, you've had some 'digging around up there' so things need some time to settle

ButtWormHole Sun 17-May-20 21:41:00

I bled for 8 weeks then never again (whilst it was in)

Swirlyceiling Sun 17-May-20 21:47:56

It can be really hard to find the strings. You have to feel all the way up to your cervix.

I bled pretty constantly for about 12 weeks when I had it put in, and now I have infrequent periods. I've had it for almost a year and can feel the strings.

Happymummy8888 Sun 17-May-20 21:48:12

Ok that’s good news lol my last pregnancy was twins so as much as I adore them
I don’t want that surprise again

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Thegate Sun 17-May-20 22:20:37

I had bleeding for about 5 months after my first insertion. I was by the hospital doc who fitted it to check the strings every month but when I went to my gp when I couldn’t feel the strings I was sent for a scan, it was in the right place and told to leave it alone for the next 4 years.
The removal and replacement was done in under 2 mins at the hospital.

QueenofmyPrinces Sun 17-May-20 22:27:24

After my first mirena insertion I went back at the standard 6 week check post insertion and my strings were missing.

I was sent for an ultrasound scan which confirmed the mirena was still in place and that my strings had been drawn up through the cervix, into my womb and were wrapped around the coil.

It didn’t affect the way the coil worked but it certainly made removing it much more difficult....

Whathewhatnow Sun 17-May-20 22:31:10

The strings can retract but sometimes if your cervix is high up out of the way its beyond reach. You can try bearing down (as in childbirth) to try and push your cervix downward a bit. This is how I check mine although infrequently as have no desire to worsen my slight prolapse!

Whathewhatnow Sun 17-May-20 22:31:35

I'd say the bleeding is entirely normal, I had a really similar experience.

Drbrowns Sun 17-May-20 22:41:28

I have mine since oct. Had a few heavy, long periods and then none since Xmas. Was told it was pretty standard not to bleed at all after a few weeks. Also can’t feel my strings but think I have a long cervix. Pretty confident I’m not pregnant as have no usual symptoms.

Flamingofolie Sun 17-May-20 22:44:22

Did you get the threads trimmed? I didnt and mine are easy to find.

I still bleed quite a bit on and off, with no pattern but was told this is normal. I've had mine for 3 years now.

Icanflyhigh Sun 17-May-20 23:07:48

I had a mirena coil fitted almost 9 years ago now, the very thing it was meant to prevent is currently sat upstairs in his play station aged 8!

I know this doesn't help, and is the last thing you want to hear, but they never found my cool and came to the conclusion that I lost I during a particularly heavy period in the first few months.

Sorry, I would push to get it checked.

RandomMess Sun 17-May-20 23:21:18

I spotted for 6 months then still had light monthly bleeds like have a 7 day period!

DramaAlpaca Sun 17-May-20 23:23:52

That's exactly what happened when I first got the Mirena. It had fully settled down by three months and I never had another period. I could never feel the strings, they were cut very short.

Hadjab Mon 18-May-20 03:48:32

I’m on my third - I usually get spotting for around a week then no periods. I’ve not felt my strings with any of them.

Pixxie7 Mon 18-May-20 04:51:45

All of this is perfectly normal. The threads, depends on how short they are, it may be that they have curled up around your cervix.

longtimecomin Mon 18-May-20 11:26:17

I've never felt the strings and I've had the more a coil for years. No periods either for years. I love it!

tiutinkerbell Mon 18-May-20 11:41:09

Sounds normal to me, I spotted for for around 4 weeks and haven't had a period since. Have it nearly 18 months now and also cannot feel the strings despite having a try a few times!

okiedokieme Mon 18-May-20 11:51:04

I wasn't even offered a check up. I had extended bleeding then nothing for 8 weeks, now back to regular cycle but lighter. Yes I was rather worried too, not helped by the fact I had c19 symptoms then too!

Nikhedonia Mon 18-May-20 13:29:36

When I couldn't locate my strings the GP wanted me to have an ultrasound if it's not in the right position that not effective contraception.

I had my ultrasound in Dec 2019

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