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To think the north of England offers a worse quality of life than the South or Midlands?

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DDRickyDD Sun 17-May-20 20:21:13

I was thinking of moving to Lancashire, but having done some research online, it seems a lot of people have negative opinion of it. I'm now set on Warwickshire or Leicestershire. Does the north in general offer a worse quality of life than the Midlands? I know its cheaper up north but is it much worse up there?

spanieleyes Sun 17-May-20 20:22:22

Oh yes, it's dreadful up here. Don't even think of moving up!

AnyFucker Sun 17-May-20 20:23:55

Yes, it's fucking awful. The streets are running with shit. Don't come here.

SideEyeing Sun 17-May-20 20:23:59

It's awful. Don't even dream of it. We barely have electricity and eat our pets to survive the winter.

Xenia Sun 17-May-20 20:24:01

Just depends. I grew up in a nice detached house, went to private school etc ni the NE. London has some pretty deprived bits. It is difficult to generalise. As a family we like being alone in the wilds and it is much easier to achieve that in the wilds of Northumberland or an isolated beach up there than anywhere you can get easily to from London (... have been practising social isolation for 50 years in that sense.....)

HeffalumpsCantDance Sun 17-May-20 20:24:03

Dear Goady Poster.

It depends where you live in a location. There are very unpleasant areas dotted all over the country. Don’t worry about North or South, what you want is somewhere posh that rich people live. They’re dotted all over the country too.

rottiemum88 Sun 17-May-20 20:24:04

Seriously hmm

vanillandhoney Sun 17-May-20 20:24:41

Yes, it's utterly awful.

Never ever come here.

BBCONEANDTWO Sun 17-May-20 20:26:03

Absolutely nowt wrong with the North - friendliest people you could meet. There are of course some deprived areas but also some lovely areas.

thepeopleversuswork Sun 17-May-20 20:26:54

OP you do realise that there are tens of millions of people in the North of England from all walks of life, and that it encompasses several major cities, some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and everything in between?

It’s not a huge undifferentiated homogeneous mass.

Goady, ignorant or just led a very sheltered life... which is it?

At any rate it sounds as if the North of England will cope fine without you.

lakeswimmer Sun 17-May-20 20:27:49

YABU. How are you defining "much worse" much worse than what? I'm assuming you're talking about the north of England here? How can you generalise about a huge area which encompasses big cities, national parks, market towns, seaside resorts, small villages etc? Everywhere has positives and negatives; what you might want in a place to live may not be what someone else wants.

merryhouse Sun 17-May-20 20:27:51

What is it that you think you won't get further north?

Redleathertrousers Sun 17-May-20 20:29:16

Are you joking? hmm

Please don't come here. You sound vile. We don't want you.

JayAlfredPrufrock Sun 17-May-20 20:29:22

Aye. It’s grim up North.

Reallynowdear Sun 17-May-20 20:29:29

Are you drunk?

CoronaIsComing Sun 17-May-20 20:29:36

I mean the weather isn’t great but other than that it’s fine!

iklboo Sun 17-May-20 20:30:50

Yes. They force your male embryos up a chin key or down t'pit and the female embryos are sent to t'mill or sold into child slavery. That's if t'whippets don't run off with them or their sparking clogs don't start an inferno in the workhouse.

HermioneWeasley Sun 17-May-20 20:30:53

It’s terrible. I’m typing this in a box under a bridge, and that’s luxury up here. Stay away I tell you!

thedancingbear Sun 17-May-20 20:31:32

Please don't come, OP. You'd fucking hate it.

iklboo Sun 17-May-20 20:31:35

*chimbley not chin key. Chin keys are for the middle class kids.

Sparklesocks Sun 17-May-20 20:32:08

Maybe slagging off the home of millions is not an ideal way of asking for advice

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 17-May-20 20:32:20

I've lived in the north, north west, south east and midlands and guess what? The only difference is the price of housing. I've always had lovely, friendly neighbours, even in London, although I'd say my actual quality of life was better outside of London.
Wait till you can travel freely again and go on a tour of these places to see for yourself.

ILikeyourHairyHands Sun 17-May-20 20:33:55

Box under a bridge Hermione, luxury!

I'm sharing a midden wi' pigs.

Campervan69 Sun 17-May-20 20:33:57

Whenever I have visited the South I have always come away with the feeling that it is horrendously overpopulated. I love the fact that here in the North we are close to countryside and beaches where on a quiet day you could be the only person there. Depends what you are looking for I suppose.

Wheresthesanitygone Sun 17-May-20 20:34:28

Don’t come up here, even the ducks play football because they can’t afford their own swimming pool

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