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To ask if this is a possible addiction? (Not drugs!)

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Cornana Sun 17-May-20 18:01:09

I’m addicted to Diet Coke! confused

Been 2/3 years now, I drink at least four cans a day. I crave it. Eight sometimes.

It’s six pm and I want to go out and get some.

How bad is this? How do I stop? It seems crazy, but I get headaches and mood swings from not drinking it.

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dementedpixie Sun 17-May-20 18:03:02

It will be the caffeine. Could you try having some caffeine free? Dont know if you get it in cans but you do get bottles of it

Cornana Sun 17-May-20 18:05:31

I can get caffeine free, I think I will get some next time I visit an actual supermarket.

I didn’t realise how bad it was until today I panicked in case the corner shop was shut as it’s after 4pm. I should be able to go one day blush

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GaspingGekko Sun 17-May-20 18:08:55

Yeah I get a bit the same with diet pepsi, I find I can easily get into a spiral of craving it and drinking more each day.
I would imagine your headaches may be caffeine withdrawal related.

I only get like that when I can't get enough really sparkly water - perrier, not badoit or san pellegrino. So maybe try to replace with something like that? For me the craving passes after a day or so of cold turkey. It may take your body a little longer though.

VivienScott Sun 17-May-20 18:09:03

I’ve heard of cola addiction before, so it is highly possible, same way people can get about tea or coffee.

Dora26 Sun 17-May-20 18:15:54

The aspartame used to sweeten diet soda is extremely bad for you especially nervous system so do try and cut your intake. I don’t drunk more than an occasional one but would take my chances with sugar any day. Good luck op

RandomMess Sun 17-May-20 18:18:06

DH have up Pepsi Max - he stopped craving crap, being exhausted etc and is no longer obese!

PersephoneandHades Sun 17-May-20 18:24:31

Yep, I’m the same as you sadly, though I’ve been like this for about 10 years

ohcorona Sun 17-May-20 18:26:31

I'm the same with Pepsi Max. Can get through several cans air glasses a day.
I always tell myself that because it doesn't have sugar it's ok but know I'm lying to myself.
What actual harm on the nervous system does the Aspartame do ?
I'm overweight, lack motivation and feeling really down.
Going to try and cut it out.

RandomMess Sun 17-May-20 18:31:12

@ohcorona increases your chance of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases, it also makes you crave sugar/carbs which destabilises your blood sugars.

VenusTiger Sun 17-May-20 18:47:03

The only people I know who are truly addicted (can't go a single day) without coca cola don't drink hot drinks, so it's definitely a caffeine addiction - same with drugs, nicotine, alcohol and sugar - you should try drinking caffeine free in between your regular cans until you can get down to one regular can in the morning and one regular can in the evening - or, start drinking tea and coffee - it's much better for you (and your teeth) as it's full of antioxidants.

PaperMonster Sun 17-May-20 18:49:00

My brother was like this and it has left him with a condition that I can’t remember the name of - he’s had to drastically cut down (but he was having more than you) otherwise he’d be having regular hospital treatment. A friend’s BIL also ended up hospitalised because of his addiction to it - although I can’t now remember the details of what happened, it was an emergency admission and he was very poorly. Drink water.

BertieBotts Sun 17-May-20 18:49:08

It's caffeine. DH used to be addicted to it. He's swapped most of his coke/Pepsi for a morning tea or coffee now and only has one cup a day if that. Caffeine is very addictive.

Teacher12345 Sun 17-May-20 18:50:45

Yep! I am heavily addicted to diet coke. Have been for years!

RandomMess Sun 17-May-20 18:51:09

@VenusTiger it's both - addiction to the caffeine and the sweetners. There is a lot of research on how addictive and bad for you it is.

DH drank 1-2 litres per day for pretty much his whole life, certainly since secondary school.

1forAll74 Sun 17-May-20 18:54:52

I would never drink this kind of stuff, I don't know what's in it, but on two occasions I have unblocked a toilet with it, and cleaned some metal parts with it.

MouthBreathingRage Sun 17-May-20 18:59:27

I know a couple of people addicted to the stuff. Funnily enough they all have the same excuse 'its much better than the full fat stuff, at least there's no sugar!'. They're all severely overweight as well. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone who drinks it, but it seems like really unhealthy stuff to me. This is coming from someone who loves full coke by the way, so I know how addictive it can be. Try replacing it with fizzy water if you can, I know its an acquired taste but it really helped me wean myself off a few cans of coke a day.

BabyofMine Sun 17-May-20 19:04:11

@PaperMonster I’d be really interested to hear what could cause hospitalisation in drinking fizzy drinks?!

Anyone have any ideas??

hm246 Sun 17-May-20 19:05:18

You’re addicted to aspartame the the coke.

MrsRonaldUlyssesSwanson Sun 17-May-20 19:06:01

I wouldn't just switch to caffeine free, you'll need to try and taper off rather than stop dead, otherwise you'll go through a crazy withdrawal from the caffeine. I'd advise doing it gradually.

Ginfordinner Sun 17-May-20 19:08:00

Been 2/3 years now, I drink at least four cans a day. I crave it. Eight sometimes.

Wow! That's a lot shock

I have no right to judge because I am a big tea drinker. That said, I can't imagine wanting to drink sweet, fizzy drinks all day. Do you have an exceptionally sweet tooth?

dementedpixie Sun 17-May-20 19:09:05

It will be the caffeine not the aspartame. @BabyofMine Maybe he had heart issues exacerbated by excess caffeine and that's why they were hospitalised

Rightbutno Sun 17-May-20 19:11:37

Do you like the fizz of it too? Could you try soda water? It's super fizzy and nice cold with lemon. Maybe mixing with the regular diet coke and caffeine free then slowly reducing the amount of coke you drink.

CecilyP Sun 17-May-20 19:11:55

Do you have any other drinks apart from Diet Coke? Could you replace a couple with something else if you wanted?

Ginfordinner Sun 17-May-20 19:15:11

Do you not drink "grown up" drinks like tea or coffee?

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