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Private parking charges, are they fines?

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Lockdownhair Sat 16-May-20 21:07:04

Parked in a Sports Direct car park the other day and received a "fine"of £100, or £60 if paid early. Didn't read the signs so it's our fault. Are these private parking charges actual fines? I read that they are not & they are a scam. A lot of people apparently ignore them & the reminders. Do they actually bother taking people to court for non payment? I feel like ignoring it based on what I've read, but don't want to ultimately end up paying a lot more £60.

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user1471447863 Sat 16-May-20 21:34:40

They are not fines - they are speculative invoices as per the conditions of the contract of parking formed with the DRIVER - who is and must always remain unknown.
They are enforceable but ultimately they would have to take you to court, some companies are more litigious than others. In principle they have to claim from the driver, but as they are unknown there is a process to transfer liability to the Keeper (who they get from the DVLA - and is a completely separate entity from the driver, the two cannot be presumed to be one an the same even though they would like to try and claim this). There is a very exact process to be followed to transfer liability from the driver to the keeper, and despite this being their day job most PPCs are inexplicably unable to adhere to this process. Read up on the requirements of POFA 2012 - assuming you are in England. They work on the principle that most will fold and pay up after a scary letter full of half truths and outright lies.
For proper advice and process to follow post on the peppipoo forums here

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