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Economising (light-hearted)

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rabbitheadlights Sat 16-May-20 19:44:26

Many of us will have to start making cut backs maybe buying cheaper brands etc ... But where do you draw the line?

For me I absolutely will not compromise on decent butter, and I will never eat cheap coleslaw!!. I think I will probably manage fine with any other changes.

What wouldn't you be able to economise?

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wildcherries Sat 16-May-20 19:46:45

Cheap toilet paper - I won't do that.

KeepWashingThoseHands Sat 16-May-20 19:50:26

Bread - I like decent quality crusty bread.

Rosieredapples Sat 16-May-20 19:53:49

I cannot possibly compromise on foil or kitchen roll, I hate it when the foil is so thin it breaks and rips unevenly won't crunch round top of a dish or tin without splitting apart. I just can't do it.

PlanDeRaccordement Sat 16-May-20 19:55:53

Daily wear contact lenses

rabbitheadlights Sat 16-May-20 20:10:57

AHH you make a valid point @Rosieredapples can't stand cheap cling film either

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