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Aib u to ask for new projects to fill my time.

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whatisforteamum Sat 16-May-20 19:21:55

So far 9 weeks have flown by.Painting and DIY,tidying cupboards and the garden peppered with long walks and news updates.
Now I am bored.I may get a sewing machine as my industry won't open for a couple of months.Normally I don't get a moment to myself so this time is precious.
Please don't say learn to cook as I am a chef.What have you done to pass the time.Have you learnt new skills?.

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Silenceisnotgolden Sat 16-May-20 19:27:33

I am sanding and painting anything that keeps still for long enough, which sadly rules out the children.

Do you like reading and studying, op? There are lots of free online courses out there at the moment!

Macncheeseballs Sat 16-May-20 19:40:55

Learn something new, from a language to a craft to a physical skill, the list of things you could learn is endless

whatisforteamum Sat 16-May-20 20:05:54

Yes I am a crafty type person.Embroidery and dress making in my youth.😂I just need inspiration really.I will look up online courses.Once I find something new I give it my full attention.I just thought others may have projects they have been working on.

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BumblebeeBum Sat 16-May-20 20:47:16

Make some face masks or scrubs for local care homes? Cook for vulnerable people. Learn sign language.

BumblebeeBum Sat 16-May-20 20:47:54

Also - AirBnB has a some fab looking ‘online experiences’ which look fun.

Daftodil Sat 16-May-20 21:44:26

Following on from the sewing scrub bags suggestion... Do you knit? Maternity wards often want little woolly hats for newborns. There's usually free patterns available online.

Could you start teaching cooking classes online? Start a blog or a vlog? Lots of people have the time to learn to cook now so could be a good opportunity to cash in on your skills while you aren't able to work.

LaurieFairyCake Sat 16-May-20 21:46:36

Have you signed up to the Nhs responder app?

ButtWormHole Sat 16-May-20 21:47:02

Start a blog?

kitnkaboodle Sat 16-May-20 21:51:17

Futurelearn and Open University have a myriad of free courses you can join - mainly academic but not at a high-flown level

CookieMumsters Sat 16-May-20 21:54:47

Is there something that could feed into your professional life? Growing veg or herbs? Painting crockery? Putting together a collection of your favourite recipes?

JaceLancs Sat 16-May-20 22:27:51

Doing jigsaws are how I pass the time
I’m considering dress making next

BelfastNonBlonde Sat 16-May-20 22:38:39

I’ve just started mat leave. Have “nested” the house already throughout lockdown, now doing an online photography course and jigsaws until baby comes!

Rainbowqueeen Sat 16-May-20 22:45:46

I live abroad but knit blanket squares for a charity which collects them, sews them together and donates them
Free online courses. I’ve just completed one on understanding dementia
Try some online yoga or Pilates
Do you have a garden? Plant some veges is a puzzle/quiz website. I’ve done the name the countries in the world enough times that I have improved my geography knowledge no end!

Pimmsypimms Sun 17-May-20 00:22:11

I've decided to have a go at Macrame. I've ordered some cord and when I get it, I'll start trawling the YouTube tutorials. I really fancy making some planter hangers!

whatisforteamum Sun 17-May-20 08:00:50

Great ideas thank you.I quiet fancy an on line course.I tried knitting and crochet when I was younger and couldn't get a handle on it.
Learning new things is a great idea when I can't do much else.

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