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Does anyone know of any tech addiction documentaries?

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blueglassandfreesias Sat 16-May-20 14:20:26

Just that really.
DSD 13 (who has high functioning autism) spent literally 13 hours on her ipad yesterday and when DH said it was time for bed etc she howled with tears and sobs so extremely until her mother came to collect her. (At her mums she has unlimited tech use as far as I can see)

This is a re occurring pattern and I think if DH could see a hard hitting documentarty about the affects of tech addiction, he might pursue support for her sooner rather than later.

I just worry that her mum is an enabler, her dad is a bad cop and she is a master manipulator and it could portain to future addictions.

* posted for traffic as no response on parenting area.

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