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To use filo pastry I froze in December?

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Bercows Sat 16-May-20 14:03:00

It says use within one month but surely things can be frozen for longer than a month? It's jus-rol if that makes any difference.

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Dreamersandwishers Sat 16-May-20 14:05:32

I would. How bad can it be?

Bercows Sat 16-May-20 14:07:41

Yes, it's not like there's anything that can really go off like eggs or dairy.

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Yousicktwistedfruit Sat 16-May-20 14:08:40

I would it should be absolutely fine it’s been sitting in the freezer if it had been sitting in your fridge since December I would be telling you to chuck it.

DramaAlpaca Sat 16-May-20 14:10:18

It's been in the freezer, it'll be fine.

JingsMahBucket Sat 16-May-20 14:11:30

It’s totally fine! This stuff is made to be frozen forever and eaten in a year or two.

Tomanyhandbags Sat 16-May-20 14:12:04

Pastry is safe to be frozen for 1 year, I always freeze mine as never use a full pack never had any issues except sometimes it is slightly drier and cracks on defrosting.

SquashedSpring Sat 16-May-20 14:28:52

Last week I used some that I froze at the beginning of November and it was absolutely fine, although the outer two sheets were a bit more dried out than usual.

mouse70 Sat 16-May-20 14:36:31

Puff pastry block bought 3 years ago. Found in bottom of chest freezer. Used it yesterday. No problem

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