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Dr Judy Mikovits

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Firecarrier Sat 16-May-20 11:32:08

AIBU to find this interesting?

YABU: She doesn't know what she's talking about

YANBU: It is deeply concerning

ducksback Sat 16-May-20 11:32:49

That video has been removed OP.

Firecarrier Sat 16-May-20 11:37:28

Oh grin

Wow, the overloads are quick on it. I literally just that second uploaded it

Firecarrier Sat 16-May-20 11:39:01

The link still works for me is that because I uploaded it?

ducksback Sat 16-May-20 11:39:07

What was it?

IamAporcupine Sat 16-May-20 20:28:13

I saw one of her videos, not sure if it was this one.
My understanding is that she is a big conspiracy theorist but I am very interested to know other opinions.

Cabinfever10 Sat 16-May-20 20:39:04

She is a massive antivaxer conspiracy theorist

Firecarrier Sat 16-May-20 23:23:20


What is a conspiracy theorist exactly. Do explain.

She is NOT an anti -vaxxer she says so in multiple interviews.

Sparklesocks Sat 16-May-20 23:30:52

‘ DescriptionJudy Anne Mikovits is a former American research scientist who is known for her discredited medical claims such as murine endogenous retroviruses being linked to chronic fatigue syndrome. She has been accused of anti-vaccination activism, the promotion of conspiracy theories, and scientific misconduct. ’

Lol yep like I’m going to watch her videos

Disabrie22 Sat 16-May-20 23:32:11

She’s a grifter

KKSlider Sun 17-May-20 00:12:44

She has previously.claimed that vaccines are linked to autism, Parkinson's disease, and cancer and has been a guestvsoesker at several prominent anti-vaxx events. She is an anti-vaxxer.

From what else I've read about her when is albasocally a gobshite for hire but one of those gobshites who tried to back up the rubbish they're spouting by throwing around some pseudo-science and claiming The System is trying to suppress these True Facts.

KKSlider Sun 17-May-20 00:13:03

*guest speaker

aintnothinbutagstring Sun 17-May-20 00:19:28

Sorry of ironic that certain vaccines potentially been linked to protecting from coronavirus such as the BCG and controversially the MMR (thought to be protecting children largely from severe effects).

Mimishimi Sun 17-May-20 00:19:35

I think a lot of the points she makes are very pertinent. Like Big Pharma paying off doctors more if they diagnose a case as COVID and triple that amount if they put a patient on a ventilator.

Schoolisback1973 Sun 17-May-20 00:30:48

I did see this video last week! Some of it made sense and a lot of pertinent points and questions. Then, I researched her and the video and apparently journalists can’t find any true facts to her claims! None of it is true apparently. So
What surprises me is how mainstream social media (FB, Twitter, YouTube and now MN) are so
quick to remove this particular video. They are
normally not as quick to remove hate speech or violent content!

KKSlider Sun 17-May-20 00:34:04

Pertinent but not at all substantiated by actual facts.

KKSlider Sun 17-May-20 00:40:50

Was the video linked to "Plandemic"?

Because if so

MolotovMocktail Sun 17-May-20 00:47:25

YABVVU she is a dangerous antivax nutcase.

IPityThePontipines Sun 17-May-20 00:52:28


More about this anti-vax grifter here:

For all those who say MN was better back in the day, there used to be a clique of anti-vaxxers on here in the late 00s. It wasn't good.

Cabinfever10 Sun 17-May-20 01:02:41

You do realise that the 1st words out of most antivaxers mouths are "I'm not an antivaxer but".
May I suggest that you step away from the internet as you clearly don't have the capacity to differentiate fact and fiction if you believe any of her dangerous bs

KKSlider Sun 17-May-20 01:29:58

"I'm not an anti-vaxxer but..." is the science version of "I'm not a racist but..."

R1R2 Sun 17-May-20 01:44:47

Everytime this deranged nutbag is brought up the morons come out with "bUt sHEs NoT a AnTiVaXXeR" well she is get it into your thick youtube riddled skulls. And while your at it your nazi loving mate Icke can fuck off too

7Days Sun 17-May-20 01:59:02

Fuck sake.

I would love to know why people choose what to believe.
Not many people are expert in microbiology. Very few of us can read a paper on virology and critique it ourselves. We rely on middlemen, basically dumbing it down for the layman.

Why do people believe YouTube randoms, over credible scientists?

We cant assess virology papers but the layman should be able to assess trustworthiness and credibility. Is it that we dont know how scientific research works, the steps involved, the hoops and hurdles in the way, the concept of peer review. Do we all think every maverick who doesnt play by the rules but goddamn beings the system to its knees is like Erin Brockovich

Think I've just answered my own question....

It doesnt bode well when there is widespread lack of trust in the institutions and processes that hold civil society together. I don't mean blind trust, obviously, but a balanced view tilted towards the presumption of good faith.

TheClaws Sun 17-May-20 04:54:14

7days There is a worrying trend of anti-intellectualism that this pandemic (among other events) has exposed, I’d say.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 17-May-20 04:58:03

Like Big Pharma paying off doctors more if they diagnose a case as COVID and triple that amount if they put a patient on a ventilator.

I think Americans forget that everywhere else, we try to reduce the amount medicine costs.

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