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To ask where I can get a running treadmill before I become completely spherical

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SomePig Fri 15-May-20 22:39:21

So I get it, many factories that make treadmills have closed down along with big parts of the supply chain and delivery services. And everyone else was smarter than me and bought themselves a treadmill earlier in lockdown when stores still had them. But I've tried Argos, Decathlon, sports stores, department stores etc and no one has any stock other than ridiculously £££££ ones. I've tried Ebay but everything that's even remotely within my price range is several hundred miles away. I'm getting rounder and rounder by the day and can't run on the footpath/road because I have a bung knee & kids that aren't old enough to be left on their own. Please, MN, help me out - is there anywhere that is still selling them?

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BanjoStarz Fri 15-May-20 22:47:18

Honestly if you’ve got a dodgy knee don’t run on a treadmill, I find them even worse than roads.

I’ve got a completely shot knee and am rather spherical so I’ve been running/bouncing on a mini trampoline - still in stock most places and much lower impact on dodgy knees.

Could help you short term?

Acrasia Fri 15-May-20 22:51:52

There are loads of workouts on Youtube, would that be an alternative you’d be able to give a try?

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