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Nursery - WWYD

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doadeer Fri 15-May-20 18:16:58

DS 16 months went to nursery 2 days a week for 3 months before lockdown began.

Nursery closed mid March but we still paid full month, we paid again full month in April to "hold" our place and this would be first month fees back.

They have emailed saying they want to open 1st June. We aren't comfortable sending our son back, he has problems with coughs and chest (have been given asthma inhaler from GP) and we just don't feel it's worth any risk. Plus we are managing to do our work around him.

I asked for clarification on what this means and nursery said everyone is expected to pay full fees from 1st June and notice period if we want to cancel our place is 8 weeks so this would mean paying again on top of the £1000 we have paid.

I don't know what to do... Is this reasonable of them?

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doadeer Fri 15-May-20 18:22:26

I should say aswell all the staff take public transport and there hasn't been any explanation of the safety measures they will be taking.

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Eeyoresstickhouse Fri 15-May-20 18:24:25

To be honest, if they are open then you can use them then you should pay! Its like if you take a holiday when they should be at childcare you still pay.

millymollymoomoo Fri 15-May-20 18:34:55

Yes it’s reasonable. They are open To provide the service. If you don’t want that service fine, but serve notice and pay the contract fees in place for notice period. Simple

Freddiefox Fri 15-May-20 18:38:13

Ask for a couple of their risk assessment. They should give you one without question. We leave ours for the parents to see.

ivfgottostaypositive Fri 15-May-20 18:39:51

I agree with other posters if the nursery is open but you are choosing not to send your son then you should have to pay. If everyone did this what would be the point of the nursery even opening? It's right to ask for a covid health and safety policy (most businesses are now putting them in place) but you'd need to be realistic that lots of staff just can't suddenly decide to get to work avoiding public transport if that's the only option available to them

YakkityYakYakYak Fri 15-May-20 19:36:28

Check what the T&Cs say. It’s only reasonable for them to still charge if you’ve signed to agree to that.

Nicknacky Fri 15-May-20 19:41:01

If they are open and you are choosing not to use them, then you should pay.

And I think asking about staff transport just comes across as you looking for loopholes. By all means ask about measures they have put in place but transport isn’t any of your business. And the answers aren’t going to change your mind about using their services anyway.

doadeer Fri 15-May-20 20:47:37

I didn't mean I was going to ask about transport, we are in London so assume most get public transport.

Consensious is unanimously that we will pay, which we will

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Raaaa Fri 15-May-20 20:53:54

Yeah I guess it's treated as normal service eg you pay in advance (by a month say) and then if you don't send your child in you lose the money. On the bill from our nursery it says something along the lines of 'if you don't pay the place will be offered to another child'.

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