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To want a refund?

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Confuzzled123 Fri 15-May-20 16:52:11

I ordered a sofa set a few weeks before lockdown from a national chain of shops.

I paid a large deposit with delivery promised in June. Since the lockdown understandably, there has been no progression with my order. I have received two generic ‘sorry for the delay emails’.

I emailed the customer service dept today who fobbed me off again with a generic ‘we can’t give you an update at this time’.

I understand that we are in unprecedented times and that we must keep people safe but I’m worried about my deposit.

WIBU to ask for a refund of my deposit?

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Notimeforaname Fri 15-May-20 17:00:13

it's not June yet. So they are not late with it.
I would hang on the couple of weeks longer, shops should soo. have a clearer view on when they can begin to open again.
You won't have lost your deposit.
They probably can't sort out refunds at this point in time but I'm sure they will when they resume normal business.

Notimeforaname Fri 15-May-20 17:01:01

*Shops should soon have

CoRhona Fri 15-May-20 17:42:34

Why do you think it won't arrive in June?

Ponoka7 Fri 15-May-20 17:45:12

So you want to cancel the order? They haven't not fulfilled your order, so there are no grounds for cancellation. You'll have to check your T&C.

But you are being unreasonable. We're in the midst of a crisis.

ButtWormHole Fri 15-May-20 18:22:14

What would you do with a refund though? You won’t get one anywhere else. You bought that one for a reason, stick with it

Hippoplatypus Fri 15-May-20 18:35:27

Check your terms and it made to order? Where I work, something has to be surprisingly late to be eligible for a refund and as pp said, it isn't actually late yet

Yousicktwistedfruit Fri 15-May-20 18:38:06

YABU it’s not June yet so it’s not like the shop haven’t delivered hyphen soda and with everything that is going on at the minute you can’t really blame the shop if they are late delivering your sofa.

ChandlerIsTheBestFriend Fri 15-May-20 18:41:37

You can cancel the order but that wouldn’t entitle you to a deposit refund. That’s what a deposit is for! To cover the company’s outlay in the event of you cancelling.

If they haven’t delivered by 30th of June then yes you should have a full refund.

Sparklesocks Fri 15-May-20 18:45:20

Agree with the others, until the delivery date they’ve advised has been and gone with no delivery I don’t think you have enough rationale for a refund.

vanillandhoney Fri 15-May-20 18:46:49

But it's not June yet. So why do you want a refund? Your order isn't due for another two weeks confused

tillytoodles1 Fri 15-May-20 18:49:34

I ordered a new sofa and paid a deposit eight weeks ago. I still have no idea when it will actually arrive as the factories and shop are all closed.

AmelieV88 Fri 15-May-20 18:53:23

Agree, it’s not June yet! I ordered a dining table on 3rd January. It was supposed to take 8 weeks, then COVID19 happened. The company warehouse is about 250 miles away from me. We’re heading for 5 months and still haven’t received it. I’ve been keeping in touch with the company but I’m not putting pressure on them, it’s not reasonable. Like it or not, we are still under lockdown, albeit some measures may have been lifted somewhat in England and companies are trying to balance orders and the precarious future of their business and staff whilst trying to introduce measures to keep their staff safe. Please try to be understanding and have a degree of patience.

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 15-May-20 18:58:01

I work in manufacturing. Many factories have had to close until proper PPE has been put in place, as you can probably imagine it's hard to social distance in a factory. The one I work at has only just reopened this week. It's a hard time for the industry. Wait until your delivery date, then chase them up again.

TerrapinStation Fri 15-May-20 19:09:35

Of course you can ask them but be prepared for them to say no

CuppaZa Fri 15-May-20 19:14:40

They aren’t late yet? Aren’t deposits usually forfeited if the buyer changes their mind? Check your T&C’s.

Confuzzled123 Fri 15-May-20 19:18:44

Thanks for all your opinions. They haven’t started to make it yet so we are probably looking at another eight weeks after they start. They confirmed there will be some delay but couldn’t say how long only that production hadn’t restarted.

I’m happy to wait in principle and I love the sofa I’ve ordered but I’m becoming increasingly nervous about losing my deposit of the company goes bust. I can’t afford to lose that right now, I really can’t.

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thespanishlady77 Fri 15-May-20 19:18:50

If you are not happy i'd ask for refund.

Clockworkprincess Fri 15-May-20 19:19:50

I work in a shop supplying furniture. All of our main suppliers have been closed for the past eight weeks and we wouldn't have been able to order anything if we wanted to. We have had word that one of them is opening over the next week so are starting to look at our options for eventual reopening. I wouldn't worry until the delivery date has been and gone

Maybelatte Fri 15-May-20 19:20:09

It’s not June yet so I don’t know why your knickers are in a twist.

Vagndidit Sat 16-May-20 10:13:24

Is it from Next? Our custom sofa order took over 15 weeks last year, and that was under normal circumstances. Give it more time.

Confuzzled123 Sat 16-May-20 15:13:22

It’s not from Next. Like I said, I’m happy to wait I’m just worrying about potentially losing my deposit. But I suppose if everyone cancels then it’s more likely the company will go bust.

Thanks again everyone.

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