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AIBU to actually want to see my husband?

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pesto1 Wed 19-Sep-07 09:10:32

Just a rant really

DH army, lots of tours, i moved back to the uk from germany just as dh was going on a 9 month tour of afgan.
He was told he would be moving to the uk when he got back.

He got back in march..... and has been told he wont be moving back until feb and there is nothing he can do about it.

I am very very angry and upset.

By the time he moves back we will have spent a grand total of 11 weeks together in 18 months!

AIBU to want to see him just a bit more???

1crazymumof2 Wed 19-Sep-07 09:21:37

No youre certainly not.i'm sure he misses you like crazy. Although my dh is'nt in the military he works shifts and in also in a v.stressful job ( police homicide team).
He can obviously get called away at any moment.sad
Unless your Dh can find a new job then i'm not sure how you can change the present circumstances. I too know how it feels to think (mostly irrationally i may add), that your family come second best to his job.
Maybe try planning something really special, like a holiday together when he comes home, send lots of letters to keep the romance alive, and if absence really does make the heart grow stronger, than stand back and watch the sparks fly!

pesto1 Wed 19-Sep-07 09:35:13

thanks for your advice.

it is crap isnt it.

cant plan any holiday as he cant have time off.. only block leaves ( which are set by the army)

letters are ok,... but after over a year are starting to wear a bit thin to be honest.

absence in small doses can make the heart grow stronger i think... in large chunks it just makes you sad and angry.

And we do come second, not to my dh, but in the eyes of the army, which was kindly told to me this morning by his 2IC.

DH may come out of the forces, but you have to give a years notice... so that doesnt really help.

i think ill just feel sad today...... wallow in my own self pity and eat lots of chocs!! lol! im sure i will feel better tomorrow!

1crazymumof2 Wed 19-Sep-07 09:44:05

Am really angry for you being told that your second best!!! How dare they, do they not appreciate that these are real men and women not robots,do they not know that without the knowledge your DH has that he has a loving family to go home to and your support, then he probably would'nt be able to function in what must be horrendous situations.

Let yourself have a whinge,lie around eating chocolate and watching tv! maybe get a takeaway tonight? spoil yourself. Then tommorow get upand start anew.Are you aware that there is a forces sweetheart group on MN? I'm sure a lot of them will be going through the same thing.

pesto1 Wed 19-Sep-07 10:09:56

i am aware, ive posted on there, but noone has responded............

thanks for your help. its just nice to have a moan and get it out of our system isnt it.

and no, they dont give a sh!t... dh is just a robot to them

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