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Is it ok to say this at my 'probation review'

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Sarah510 Fri 15-May-20 16:06:16

So I've come to the end of 6 months probation and have a review meeting on Monday.

Basically I want to say to this 'team leader' that I feel under-utilised. She's just not letting me work to my potential. She keeps tasks to herself, micro manages, grabs emails when they come in, doesn't let me do stuff. I want to say in a diplomatic way that I'm very experienced, and well able to do a lot more, that she can give me my "wings" now I'm out of probation. Obviously I'm going to think of a tactful wording. I'm thinking of saying at the end when she asks if I have any questions, or comments, that I feel like I have a lot more to give, and could contribute a lot more to the team. I think she has a problem with trust. One example - we were organising a meeting, and it turned out she would be on leave. So she immediately said, oh no, that date won't work. But we wanted to have it done that week, so I said, "it's ok, there's 3 of us here, we can manage, don't worry", but she insisted on moving it to the following Monday as she said she would check our work over the weekend. When we do have meetings she often says nothing, she's just like a 'presence' there. Yet she takes all the thanks for all the work.
Or should I just smile and say everything is great and grand.

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