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AIBU to ask about how others would feel?

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Stinkycatbreath Fri 15-May-20 10:59:29

This is probably another flippin COVID 19 and isolation rant and I am trying to be balanced as every person's situation is different. The issue is with the posts and posters (some on here and some on Facebook) who are talking about how cruel it is to send your child back to school. Its like they conveniently forget that there are children who like my son are still in nursery full time and will be taking up their school place in Sepetember. We are both local authority workers with people depending on us to do our jobs. Next week for the fourth time I will be fit tested for PPE and for the second time ive been tested for COVID by a person who wanted to insert the swab into my sinuses! We are all trying our bests but these constant reminders about what a shit parent the public think I am makes me really annoyed.
It is fine for people to have hold these opinions but to rub salt in the wounds of people who have no alternative, that is more cruel and really hurtful. I think I am pretty decent mum my son is happy and well adjusted, we need to stop bashing eachother and realise that we all have different circumstances. That is all.

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Subeccoo Fri 15-May-20 11:21:16

I am massively grateful to all who have to keep working out there now, and completely understand why your dc are in school. Please don't be made to feel bad. I won't be sending mine back until its safe to do so, but not only because I'm worried about him but because I'm worried about your dc and you. Way I see it is the more of us that stay at home (who can, I may have to start going in to work myself on a rota) should for as long as it takes.
Just my personal opinion but yes, can fully empathise with the crap you're seeing on sm.
Thank you

tamsintamsout Fri 15-May-20 11:22:27

Well I do think people need space to discuss the decisions they’re faced with.

I feel like shit when people complain about those of us who are vulnerable and how we are inconveniencing everyone else. It’s a hard time for everyone right now and I think perhaps if you’re feeling fragile the internet isn’t going to help.

Stinkycatbreath Fri 15-May-20 11:26:26

Oh im not expecting any thanks I am not in a hospital or doing any of the direct COVID care. It just hurts when people are banding about sending their child to school being cruel.
It cam off a rant by one of my so called friends saying that sending children back to school is signing off a death warrant. I am very much about leaving grown adults to make choices abou t their families. I totally don't blame people for keeping their child at home but don't expect to be made to feel rubbish for sending my son in.
I just think that people need to lay off each other a bit.

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Stinkycatbreath Fri 15-May-20 11:28:31

I agree we do need space to talk about these things definitely as each person's circumstances are their own. Im just talking about the kind of language people are using with no consideration to how this affects other people.

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Stinkycatbreath Fri 15-May-20 11:29:57

@tamsintamsout Sorry I didn't finish I certainly don't feel that anyone whose health is vulnerable or anyone shielding is an inconvenience. Far from it.

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