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Doctors surgery/receptionist

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annoyedmummy Thu 14-May-20 20:29:22

So I rang my GP surgery this morning regarding a blood test I had done in March and asked the receptionist if the doctor could call me back to discuss them ( I have already spoken to them once about it and this is a follow up). Receptionist told me that GP would phone this afternoon.

6pm phone goes I answer thinking it will be GP, it is a different receptionist telling me they haven't had my blood results and that I need to contact the consultants secretary to get my results. I explained to her they have received my results as I have already spoken to GP about them and told her it was the test from March, she was expecting a more recent one. So she put me through to a different GP.

AIBU to be annoyed that the receptionist was the one to discuss and assume my test results hadn't arrived with me when I had already asked to speak to the GP?

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anon0704 Thu 14-May-20 20:35:02

At the moment, I think they are running on a triage system, so receptionists are doing more, if you get what I mean? But I understand why you're upset. They shouldn't just assume and they should consult with the GP before calling you back.

MissOrganized Thu 14-May-20 20:44:15

I'm a doctors receptionist, and we are often the messengers, but patients think it's is making the decision. The GP would've looked and no doubt told reception they can't see the results and to call you with the message...if the GP is a locum, they sometimes don't have full access to why is called ICE which is where blood results come from and ordered although you feel annoyed at receptionist, your annoyance maybe wrongly aimed at her.

I know receptionists gets a lot of stick, and sometimes it's warranted, but we're often doing as we are instructed and get it in the neck

MissOrganized Thu 14-May-20 20:46:07

Oh and your AIBU I would say yes.
It's part of our job to speak with patients in regards to results etc. the doctors ask us to do these tasks to save them time as we get approx 400 results a week and that's just blood, X-ray and scan. We then have around 50-100 letters a day to deal with..the doctors pass a lot of the admin to us, so they can do the general practice

spurs4ever Thu 14-May-20 21:50:27

I would imagine that the GP has scanned through the appointments booked for them and advised the receptionist that the bloods from March had already been discussed. Once the appointment is booked the receptionist wouldn't look at it again unless asked to by the GP or another clinician.

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