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AIBU- to ask what your guilty pleasures have been during this time -light hearted

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Sibsmum Thu 14-May-20 15:43:16

I have found out quite a lot out about myself during this pandemic. Some I am pleased about and other things that I definitely need to work on.
I have found pleasure in things I haven't done before or have previously not enjoyed doing. Might be a time thing, or going a bit stir crazy, but wondered if anyone was experiencing similar and would like to share.
I have been enjoying a WhatsApp date night with a friend who is shielding for health reasons. I am straight and married, he is gay and single , so nothing damaging going on, we just get on really well. We watch a couple of mutually enjoyed tv shows , drink gin and comment on what we are watching. It's just a bit of us time and we have had lots of fun.
I have also really enjoyed tidying drawers. Thrown and recycled loads of stuff so I can see things I actually need, in the drawers. Given me lots of pleasure.
Please don't judge, well aware that I need to get out more ( don't we all?). Interested to know what you are enjoying...

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EssentialHummus Thu 14-May-20 15:50:21

I’ve had the most wonderful in-depth phone calls with a friend - I knew her well before but we were always herding toddlers while trying to chat. It’s been incredible, I’d be sad to lose it.

edwinbear Thu 14-May-20 15:54:31

I have taken up running. I've not run in 30 yrs, I was the kid at school who hid in a bush during cross country and smoked because I hated running so much. I'm not even meant to be running as as I had prolapse surgery a few years back, but in the absence of anything else (I usually swim or do a spin class), I bought some special support shorts and gone. It's very liberating.

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