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To not send DS because I can’t trust ex

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Cesa2020 Thu 14-May-20 14:41:48

My DS has still been going to ex’s house every other weekend during lockdown.
There is a court order in place for EOW. He lives in London.
He lives with his partner and her child. Her child is 50/50 with her mum and dad. Her dad lives with his parents. So obviously my ds is opened up to more people.

I just found out that ex partner had her friend and daughter up their house yesterday. The kids sent a video to my ds, they were sitting together, having a tea party etc.

I have now said that DS won’t be going this weekend because of that. ex has said he knew nothing about it because he wasn’t at home. He is angry with his partner.

Now I know at the beginning of lockdown his partner met up with her mum and daughter to go shopping together (even though they weren’t meant to) DS was there but stayed with his dad.
I mentioned it to ex and he said that didn’t happen. I couldn’t prove otherwise but told him how important the guidelines are to follow. I have other children at home including young babies.

My ds is really upset. Said his dad didn’t know, he will deep clean the house etc. I still don’t want to send him. I’m not even sure if I want to send him at all now until this is all over and the guidelines say we are allowed to meet people again. I just don’t feel like I can trust for his partner not to flounce the rules. I mean how many times has this happened before?
We, as a family are sticking to all the rules. My dad is a widow and very lonely and I feel awful not seeing him but it’s what we have to do obviously.

Would I be unreasonable to stop him going at all at the moment despite the court order?
He could still come every other weekend and they could maybe have a bike ride together but keeping a distance as per the new guidelines.
I just don’t know what to do.

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