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Fed up with "dh" or is it my hormones?

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6demandingchildren Thu 14-May-20 13:34:54

Please tell me if IABU and that im hormonal.
Been married almost 24 years and we have 2 children at home 11 and 14, I home educate them the 14yo for 4 years and the 11yo since September.
We have both had health issues, he has had cancer and a broken neck, he has filled recovered from both.
I have palmoplanter psoriasis, prostatic arthritis and rigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias, all of the above I still suffer from.
We have always worked together until the past few years.
Now for my aibu
Since lockdown we have decided to take our business in another direction, he is dealing with one side of it (not making much money at the moment) and im dealing with the other side (making more than before)
Im still doing the majority of the childcare, washing cooking cleaning, including decorating and keeping the garden tidy.
I have hurt my back and all he has done is cook the children dinner after they moaned they were hungry. And washed his own plate up not the cutlery.
Today I asked him to help chip in and hes reply was well he would if I will do his work instead!
Also our 11yo only eats certain foods and DH is pescatarian, and last week I made me and the children chicken baked in a high sided dish and I made him some scampi on a baking sheet , for context I used the small oven with 1 shelf and the food was side by side in their retrospective dishes.
He refused to eat the dinner I made him as it was "contaminated" o.k fair enough but then without me knowing at the time took a photo of the dishes in the oven and sent the photo to one of his friends im bit sure what was said but she told me and laughed at his pettiness when he sent the photo.
I can be quite highly strung especially when in pain and I have also lost feeling in my lower leg so my mobility is even more compromised than before.
Am I being a bitch?

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Cherrysoup Thu 14-May-20 13:51:25

How come the home schooling falls to you? Unequal relationship, he needs to step up. Let him do the cooking!

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