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Where has all the soda water gone?

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YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:32:45

I made some lovely mojitos last weekend and still had some soda water left so I bought more rum and mint in Lidl.

They didn’t have any soda water, big gap on the shelf where it should be. So I popped in to the little Tesco on the way home (also to get red milk as Lidl didn’t have that so actually for an essential) and it was the same story there, no soda water.

Over the last few days I’ve ended up going to three different shops for various reasons and each time I’ve tried to pick up a bottle of soda water. Nada.

I’ve gone for a bottle of San Pellegrino instead which FYI I think makes a nicer mojito but what is going on?

Is everyone making cocktails in lockdown? Or have they stopped that particular method of carbonation?


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YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:33:37

So that’s five different shops in the space of four days with no soda water.

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BadlyAgedMemes Wed 13-May-20 20:33:55

I'm drinking it in a futile effort to keep me from snacking non-stop. Maybe others have had the same idea? Still had plenty in our shop this week, though.

FudgeBrownie2019 Wed 13-May-20 20:34:19

It's in my garage. All of it. I cleared the garage out a few weeks ago and discovered a huge stash of stuff we bought for New Years Eve and totally forgot. I've lived on passionfruit mojitos ever since. If you can get to Kenilworth I'll lend you some.

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:35:41

Omg talk to me about passion fruit mojitos please.

I have just about perfected mint, lime and sugar so I’m ready to broaden my horizons.

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MrsJTeller Wed 13-May-20 20:36:47

There’s a worldwide shortage of CO2!!!!

MrsJTeller Wed 13-May-20 20:37:15

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:37:18

Maybe it’s just in my area? I wonder if it’s one person. Selfishly hoarding it all for mojitos and gin rickies.

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RomaineCalm Wed 13-May-20 20:37:26

I bought DC a SodaStream for Christmas - best idea I've had for a while!

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:38:05

Oh blimey it’s for real! I thought it was a local supply issue!

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YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:38:27

I’m definitely going to invest in a soda stream.

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crustycrab Wed 13-May-20 20:38:46

I bought it all. Soz grin

MrsJTeller Wed 13-May-20 20:39:22

OP, you’ll soon struggle to get canisters for it so I’d stock up soon!

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:42:19

I’m fully committed to filling the garage with soda stream canisters, ready made ice and rum. And planting a healthy mint bush.

I think mojitos will be the next gin and tonics. Prior to lockdown they were my holiday and cocktail bar drink but now I’m just making a jug full at a time.

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YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:43:05

The trick for home made ones IMO is twice as much sugar as you think.

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mynameiscalypso Wed 13-May-20 20:44:11

I have often struggled to get soda water. I wanted some to make aperol spritzes last summer and couldn't find any.

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 13-May-20 20:45:47

See last week it was just there! I bought three bottles. And now nothing.

But I do think actually nice sparkling water slightly edges it anyway. Minerals (or whatever) be damned.

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JamMakingWannaBe Wed 13-May-20 20:49:31

Just add bicarb to regular fizzy water. Job done.

chockaholic72 Wed 13-May-20 20:50:49

I had a mojito making lesson from the owner of a home stay when I had a cycling holiday over there a couple of years ago - all the Cubans make it with sparkling water (and ice cubes, not crushed ice). They also dribble angostura bitters on the top too - a tip I brought home.

FudgeBrownie2019 Wed 13-May-20 20:51:12

Really simple to make! If you've got real passion fruits, great, if not get some Passoa and make do. White rum, passion fruit (or passoa), sugar, mint and soda water (from my garage). If the weather is warm chuck it into a blender with loads of ice and make it into a slushy. (But do not sing Tina Turner on the karaoke afterwards because your neighbours will not enjoy this.)

Khione Wed 13-May-20 20:51:55

The trick for home made ones IMO is twice as much sugar as you think.

I find twice as much rum works well grin

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