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To ask to help design a cheese feast for Dhs birthday

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Mummypig2020 Wed 13-May-20 14:04:01

Dh is 30 in two weeks and Iv decided to make a cheese/antipasti graze box as a side present that we can then use in the evening.

What would you put in it?

I wanted to add some raw honeycomb but not sure if it would go? I was thinking of placing ontop of a soft cheese?

What would you like in yours?

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Ninkanink Wed 13-May-20 14:26:33

A Camembert and boule loaf for baking, plus cranberries and walnuts for eating with it. Thyme and garlic to stud into the cheese. Olive oil to drizzle over. Breadsticks for dipping (along with tearing off bits of the bread). Olives, at least two varieties. Plus a mix of other antipasti - aubergine, courgette, sundried tomato, artichoke hearts, peppers). Perhaps some salami or other charcuterie. A selection of cheeses - a strong cheddar, cambazola or other mild blue cheese, and a stronger blue cheese. Plus one other interesting hard cheese. Grapes. Apple slices, celery. A good wine.

I’m hungry now.

MitziK Wed 13-May-20 15:53:14

Honeycomb would work brilliantly over a soft - medium, sharp Goats' Cheese/feta.

Watermelon works well with feta, too. Add sprigs of mint or oregano.

Ossau-Iraty is lovely with cherry jam.

Olives, chargrill artichokes, lemon, herbs, poppy seeded, superthin sourdough crispbreads like Finn Crisp, proper butter, rocket leaves, gherkins, capers, walnuts, brazils, chilled dark chocolate digestives - everything is awesome.

Ninkanink Wed 13-May-20 16:10:24

Lol I’m not all with it today and I should definitely hand back my foodie credentials as I was imagining honeycomb (the sweet) and thinking that was an odd thing to have with cheese...just dawned on me what you meant. 😆

Honey and figs. Plus everything on Mitzik’s list. Plus everything on everyone else’s lists. I love a cheese platter.

myBumJuiceSmellsLikeRoses Wed 13-May-20 16:14:33

A really nice chutney.

Sushiroller Wed 13-May-20 16:14:33

Scarmoza is a great cheese. Also def a good goat cheese

I also didn't realise but persimmons are an amazing cheese accompaniment so I'd get one of those of you can

I'm jealous- enjoy!

myBumJuiceSmellsLikeRoses Wed 13-May-20 16:15:33

And some strawberries as a palette cleanser.

Don't forget the port & crackers!

KathySelden Wed 13-May-20 16:17:16

Chestnuts, pecans and dried apple rings go down well

sparepantsandtoothbrush Wed 13-May-20 16:22:25

Yummy! Fab idea. Wtf is with people paying someone else to chuck a few bits in a box for them?!

Definitely a nice chutney and I'd need some pickled onions and pate in mine 😁

Bluebird3456 Wed 13-May-20 16:29:06

Really good bread, onion chutney, chilli jam (which I'm pretty sure would be the same as chilli chutney but doesn't sound as posh does it?!), grapes, sun dried tomatoes, olives, nice pepper, cured meats, pickled onions.

Cheese wise - an oozy one, a blue one, a smokey one, a garlic one, a fruity one, a spicy one. And then anything else I might find - there's an onion and rioja one knocking about that's brilliant.

RochelleGoyle Wed 13-May-20 16:36:38

OP this will be an amazing present, I hope he enjoys it!

KnickersandGnomes Wed 13-May-20 16:47:38

A green apple cut into slices, yummy with cheeses.

5foot5 Wed 13-May-20 17:16:36

I once made DH a special treat of grapes stuffed with blue cheese.

Not (quite) as fiddly as it sounds. IIRC you had to crumble the blue cheese and mash it up with a dash of lemon juice until it became soft and squishy. Then cut the grapes in half and deseed them and sandwich the halves together with the cheese. I think you then rolled them in chopped nuts. It must have been a labour of love because I can't stand blue cheese.

Thisismytimetoshine Wed 13-May-20 17:18:41

God, it sounds fab. I'd happily live on cheese.

dellacucina Wed 13-May-20 17:21:30

Another grape idea: roast some red grapes and serve this alongside the cheese. It's super easy and delicious.

I always like something briny to offset the richness of the cheese. Cornichon, spicy olives

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 13-May-20 17:21:33

He’s a lucky man!

I’ve literally just made cheese and marmite scones which look and taste pretty decent, you could put a basket of them on the side.

CorianderLord Wed 13-May-20 17:24:47

Black sticks blue cheese, goats cheese, Brie, sharp cheddar, gruyere.

Olives, grapes, figs, con-chignons, apple slices.

Chilli jam, honey, piccalilli.

Various crackers and oatcakes

CorianderLord Wed 13-May-20 17:25:13

I'd put the honeycomb on top of goats cheese with figs

justjuggling Wed 13-May-20 20:33:33

I would be so happy if someone made me this for my birthday. Yum!

crustycrab Wed 13-May-20 20:47:09

Spice. I always need something to take away from the sweet chutneys and some of the more cheesy cheeses. Fucking love cheeeeese

A little pot of jalapeños will do grin

Definitely some meats in there and olives. Pick the cheeses and crackers you both personally like. Little butter pots?

Wine smile

Decent cheese knife set and board.

Ltb and come and live with me

AdaColeman Wed 13-May-20 20:53:41

Pecorino with truffles is an amazing cheese, and truffle Gloucester from the Truffle Hunter is also very good.

I like membrillo as an addition to the cheese board, as well as many of the items already mentioned. A good quality balsamic vinegar is also nice to drizzle a little over a salty cheese.

ByAllMeansMoveAtAGlacialPace Wed 13-May-20 21:11:07

Amazing present!

Try some Comte. It's french and absolutely delicious.

Hilda40 Wed 13-May-20 21:16:06

I like cheese. Don't bother with any of that other shit.

iklboo Wed 13-May-20 21:35:33

Ruby Mist Cheshire (white port & brandy)
Amber Mist cheddar (whisky)
Smoked Lancashire Poacher

I don't like blue or goats cheeses so these are some of my favourite hard cheeses. I'd probably be a rogue and add some Boursin grin

AuntieMarys Wed 13-May-20 21:38:09

Any local cheeses you could use?
I love lemon and salt crackers...can't remember who makes them...a white box.

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