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What education can we provide our children?

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tilder Wed 13-May-20 09:12:16

So much is being posted about education. Teachers worried about their health. Concern about covid risk from children in school for kids and adults. Concern about education standards with schools closed. Concern about lack of social contact.

Not a lot of practical solutions going on. I would like to see ideas, not barriers.

A few months ago, we were concerned about the impact of a 1 week holiday on education. Yes teachers are providing support, but it is clear that support is patchy. Is it really a good enough substitute for a classroom beyond the immediate situation?

I would like the practical reality of a June return to be looked at. If that is not possible, then September. I'm assuming this is what teachers are looking at now with wider support.

What would that look like? Where are the risks? What are the limitations to providing a full education? What can be offered? How does that differ between schools?

I would also like a concerted effort to look at how online and remote provision is currently working and how it can work going forward. If the kids are not going back, or going back part time, this needs sorting.

Aibu to think practical solutions need to be found? With input from parents, carers, teachers, public health and IT people?

Enough of the 'they need to...' stuff. We need to sort it. Those who provide the service, under advice (as far as that goes) and in consultation with parents and staff.

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