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To ask you about contraception

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thegreenlight Wed 13-May-20 07:52:46

I have 2 children, not sure about a third (20/80 against but DH would love another baby) I haven’t used hormonal contraception since my teens as the pill sent me quite mad and it was a mutual decision to use condoms. However, the two weeks before my period is due I am awful! Suicidal, depressed, angry And a shell of myself. I’m horrible to live with and totally unreasonable shouting at my children as well as DH. I’m having therapy at the moment to deal with issues and am feeling better apart from at this time. Can someone give me advice about contraception that has worked to help with issues like this? Sex is also not so good as not spontaneous and my periods are painful and super heavy. What has worked for other people? I know everyone is different but would like to get some ideas before approaching GP.

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Amatteroftime Wed 13-May-20 08:09:01

OP, have you considered the possibility of PMDD?

Taken from women's health:
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a health problem that is similar to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) but is more serious.PMDDcauses severe irritability, depression, or anxiety in the week or two before your period starts. Symptoms usually go away two to three days after your period starts.

People I know with this also tend to have something like endo alongside it. I hsve endometriosis and can relate to your super heavy, painful periods.

I am on the mirena coil. It has helped with my periods a bit. They tend to be shorter and lighter, but 1 in 3 of them will sort of play catch up. Sex has become a bit painful in the last year (as in my endo flares up the next day), I don't know if that is the coil or my endo getting worse since having a baby/over time.

But as far as contraception goes, the coil is working for me so far. I haven't had the weight gain or mood swings I got with the pill.

thegreenlight Wed 13-May-20 08:21:45

I’m going to make an appointment to discuss with my doctor. Will mention PMDD too as it really does describe me two weeks of the month! Thankyou. I wanted to have some insight into options before I went to the doctors as in my experience they have a ‘favourite’ contraception which they push on you and I want to get the one that’s best for me.

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letmethinkaboutitfornow Wed 13-May-20 10:07:46

Nuvaring - best for me - I used to get them from Europe, but they should be available via NHS in the UK

I was high risk for DVP, but have been using Nuvaring for over 15 years and never had any problems.

However you may have deeper running issues. According to your post you are `suicidal` and terrible to live with around 75% of the time, so your family might have a week `off` - that is not normal. I hope your GP / Consultant gets you the right treatment. You and your family need it!

Annoyedxx123 Wed 13-May-20 10:34:58

Mirena for the periods. Fluoxetine for the PMDD

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