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To think that my work/supervisor is taking the piss?

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Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 01:03:28

I am extremely grateful to still have a job, but I feel that my work are being incredibly unfair/inflexible/just generally taking the p.

I’ve worked for them for nearly 8 months and I took the job on the basis that my contracted days were Mon-Fri with weekends off. There are other staff who work weekends. Anyway, when corona began, a lot of the other staff decided to self isolate (even though some were not at risk nor had child care responsibilities but that’s another thread) and then requested to be put on furlough. My employer granted this and they are now on furlough for the foreseeable future.

Since then, I have single-handedly kept the business going, if I decide to self isolate they will not have anyone. They have office staff who are all working from home but without me (I work out in the community) the business would have to shut down completely. From the day lockdown began, I said that I completely understood that I would have to work outside my contracted days/hours and that I was happy to be flexible as there were no other staff members to cover weekends. All I’ve asked for is that when I have my two days off, it would be great if I can have them in a block rather than spread out over the week (I can’t speak for other people but I don’t feel like I’ve had a proper break if my days off aren’t consecutive). I have two supervisors and when I requested this, supervisor A agreed and said that was fine. I haven’t spoken to my main boss as he’s working from home and normally just let’s the supervisors delegate all the work.

Anyway..... this request has not been fulfilled because of Supervisor B. The last few weeks I have worked non stop with hardly any breaks. For example, I had last weekend off, it was my first break after working for 10 days straight.
This week, I worked Monday, had today off and was suppose to have tomorrow off then work Thurs-Sun. I’ve just had a text off supervisor B (at 11:30pm) saying that I need to come in tomorrow as work has just come in. When I asked if it could be moved to Thursday as there was no reason why it couldn’t be, as I was suppose to have tomorrow off she just said no, didn’t give a reason why and said that I could just have Sunday off instead. Had it been Supervisor A who had dealt with it, I know she would have granted my request especially since hardly any notice was given.

Personally, I feel that because Supervisor B is working from home, she doesn’t quite understand. She will say, “oh well I’ve worked 9 days in a row”, yes but you’ve done it from home. It’s completely different when you have to get up, get dressed, drive somewhere, work a full day and then drive home. She just doesn’t see the difference. Supervisor A agrees and saids she’s on a different planet most of the time and can’t see it from another persons perspective. She’s just eager to please the main boss (which I understand by the way but I think it’s incredibly stupid to piss off the only staff member you have left).

I’ve not even taken any annual leave yet because my first holiday was booked in April and I had to cancel it because there were no other staff members to cover my absence. I feel that I’ve been extremely flexible, worked whenever they’ve needed me to, have been doing the work of 5 people rather than 1, given up my annual leave, everything. All I’ve asked for is that I have my two days off in a block and they just won’t do it (it doesn’t have to be weekends). I have just seen that the furlough scheme has been extended to October so there’s no doubt in my mind that my colleagues will be off until then. There’s no way I can do this for another four months, I’m absolutely exhausted as it is. AIBU to be really pissed off by this situation? (Not a great way to thank the only staff member who has stuck by you through all this imo).

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Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 01:13:13

Just to add, I didn't even get to have any of the bank holidays off this year. Supervisor A did try to get me Fri-Mon off (it was definitely doable) but Supervisor B said no, again didn't give a reason why. However, a couple days prior she was thanking me for all my hard work and for keeping the company going. I find it very strange that she would begrudge me having an extra day off when I've worked so hard.

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Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 01:22:54

Where are all the night owls? grin

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ChandlerIsTheBestFriend Wed 13-May-20 01:30:07

I don’t understand why you haven’t spoken up! confused

The first time you didn’t get your two days off together you should have said “er, boss! I’m taking these two days as promised”. And tonight, well for starters I wouldn’t respond to a work text at 11:30pm and you shouldn’t either. If you aren’t on the clock you aren’t contactable! And secondly you needed to just say “no, it’s my day off. I’ll see you Thursday.”

Spine woman! Grow one. grin

You have the leverage here OP.

Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 01:38:39

Your absolutely right @ChandlerIsTheBestFriend, I don't know why I haven't spoken up yet. It's difficult because Supervisor B will not contact me directly, she will ask Supervisor A to pass on the message which I find very sly to be honest.

Supervisor A did try her best and asked could the work be moved forward to Thursday but she was told by Supervisor B that it would be better if the work could be done today. I was prepared to say "no, sorry, you've not given me enough notice" but it just makes Supervisor A's life harder then. She's stuck in the middle and tries to please everyone. I can even make up an excuse and say "sorry I've made other plans" due to the current situation.

Supervisor B is the problem really, she's very selfish and inconsiderate. If it was up to her she'd have me working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

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Justwannabe1 Wed 13-May-20 01:38:42

A lot of leverage! A quick email
With ‘ I would like to catch up regarding my days off’ and a quick calculation of how many hours extra you have worked over your usual/ contracted hours. Highlight what you have done with some numbers and ask why changes have been made.

Stop bending over backward ..... oh and stop answering works texts or calls after you clock off and let them know this

Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 01:41:42

This is it, I know I have so much leverage. But I worry that if I become awkward they may sack me once all the other staff return in a few months. You know that saying "they don't remember all the things you've done for them, just the one thing you haven't"?. Well it's very true in my company. I think a chat with the big boss is in order or I'll end up going on the sick due to exhaustion.

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EBearhug Wed 13-May-20 01:42:41

According to the working time directive, you're entitled to one day off a week, which can be averaged over two weeks. From what you say, you are getting that. They can say you can't have holiday at a particular time, but they shouldn't make it so difficult you can't take your leave before the end of the year, whenever that is for you. I would want to be getting bank holidays in lieu, too.

I quite understand that you want two days in a block, though. I'd get fed up with things being messed around and with no reason being given, as well. Is Supervisor B more senior than Supervisor A that they can insist on something which goes against what has already been agreed? I would be getting a bit more insistent that I needed to have time off, and more than one day at a time.

You've only been there 8 months, so you have few rights. OTOH, if you are the only one actually working, that means your hand is stronger. How much do you need the job? If you can afford to walk, then that is an option if it becomes too unreasonable. If you need the money, you will need to be a bit more careful.

ChandlerIsTheBestFriend Wed 13-May-20 01:42:53

which I find very sly to be honest.

It is. She knows how to get round you! But the great thing is that now you know what she is doing so you can be prepared for it and stay firm. Even if it means saying no to nice supervisor.

it would be better if the work could be done today.

So it can be done on Thursday! She would just prefer it done tomorrow. Well she’s free to go into the office and do it tomorrow then if that’s her preference. But you will be available on Thursday as agreed if she needs help.

Please stop being a mug OP! No-one will thank you for it. They’ll just keep taking the piss. Stand up for yourself. You aren’t asking for anything outrageous!

Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 01:55:57

@EBearhug unfortunately supervisor B is higher up than supervisor A so always gets the last say, unless I go above her and speak to my main boss (which I'd really rather not do as I think it becomes personal then).

I do need the job as I have rent and bills so that's why I'm trying to be careful with the way I go about this. I don't want to piss them off, however I cannot go on like this for the next four months (or however long until my colleagues come back).
I'm such a people pleaser and always worry about being seen as "unreasonable" (even though I know I'm not). Argh!

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Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 01:58:08

The thing is, I actually do enjoy my job and get on well with my team. It's just this current situation (which I know can't be helped) is really starting to get me down. I'm doing the work load of around 5-6 people without any proper time off. I feel so tired all the time.

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ColdCottage Wed 13-May-20 01:58:38

They sound crappy bosses. Well done for all your hard work.

Justwannabe1 Wed 13-May-20 01:59:33

You are not becoming awkward and any decent manager would understand that. Supervisor B may not be one but there may be others noticing how she handles things.

Speak up in a positive way but letting her know your boundaries. “Now I hope you don’t think I am being rude supervisor b but just to make you aware when I am at work I am 100% focused on my job and don’t deal with anything relating to my homelife while at work so I just want to keep the same in place for when I am at home, just incase you text and wonder why you don’t hear back from me.

She’s bargaining on you not being direct with her and she obviously sounds like she can’t be direct either since she feeds back information via supervisor A.

Suprise her and let her know your well within your rights to have those boundaries and she may actually show you some new found respect.

Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 02:04:07

Thank you @ColdCottage

@Justwannabe1 your absolutely right. I really do need to start standing up for myself. In my previous job, if a supervisor contacted an employee at 11:30pm they would get a talking to. I would understand if it was an emergency, however this was simply not.

I'm kicking myself now, because I should have said no to working today. I'll know next time what to do! Thanks @Justwannabe1 grin

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Cocacolalolaa Wed 13-May-20 02:04:35

Oops sorry didn't mean to write that all in bold! blush

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wibdib Wed 13-May-20 06:19:14

You can have plans now. Just because they’re to meet your family on zoom or be in for a Tesco delivery or whatever doesn’t make them any less valid! They don’t have to know what the plans are - the fact that you say you have them is enough.

There are regulations about how they can change your days off at short notice - hopefully somebody can tell you the precise facts to arm yourself with for next time.

If you’re happy to use a little holiday I would say that you are exhausted, they are taking you for granted and not sticking to what they had agreed regarding flexibility and you are now going to revert to your normal hours, have the weekend off and then mon— fri you’re taking off as leave. With the weekend afterwards you’re taking that off too, then working your normal contracted hours when you go back because although you were prepared to be flexible to help out, they had agreed that it would be within certain reasonable parameters - done to keep you healthy. As they weren’t prepared to abide with what had been agreed you feel it would be simpler all round just to work your contracted hours because you’re worried about your health and don’t want to risk making yourself ill (with anything, not just covid) because they expect you to do the work of several people.

And see how they react - deal with supervisor A and your main boss and say that if supervisor B tried to schedule you in again when you are supposed to be off then you hope that she is prepared to go and do the work herself because she knows that you won’t be going.

Good luck - hope you manage to reclaw some of your life back!

wibdib Wed 13-May-20 06:28:10

Oops - thought I’d posted my post originally just after you’d said that supervisor B was above supervisor a - so just sorted it hadn’t posted and hit send; hadn’t expected thread to have moved on quite so much!

ukgift2016 Wed 13-May-20 06:30:56

You need to speak up. They are taking the piss but why shouldn't they? You are taking it.

mumsonthenet Wed 13-May-20 06:31:17

Why do you not ring your manager?
Supervisors are not the last word.
I am concerned with the claim some people are not likely to get covid you say?
Be careful that statements wrong as you probably have no idea if a person has personal health issues. Not that you should
Ring your manager and mention the work load and hours and clear your head.
Start with no pre judgements.!

Di11y Wed 13-May-20 07:20:05

is there any reason why employees can't swap with you and you go on furlough and they swap out? it's 3 week min so if they don't have childcare or vulnerable I don't see why not.

Or develop a 'cough' and 'have' to self isolate for 2 weeks...?

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