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Favourite snacks and where did they go?

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Vinipote Tue 12-May-20 15:48:11

Toast toppers and those baked chicken and chips snacks! Sure many of you can add or fondly reminisce about treats or certain foodstuffs from the dark and distant past.

MyNameHasBeenTaken Tue 12-May-20 16:24:31

You can still get the "fish and chips" in our sainsbury's
I used to like the chicken ones as they were nicer than the salt and vinegar.
Not seen toast toppers in years. Or sandwich spread. Or the chicken in sauce version of sandwich spread.
I used to love cheesy snaps.
And Pacers. The green and white stripe sweets.

EverdeRose Tue 12-May-20 16:26:26

The big time outs that are full chocolate bar size.
God I miss them.
Those wafer shits are nothing in comparison.

EverdeRose Tue 12-May-20 16:28:34

Oh and flytes
God I miss flytes

Vinipote Tue 12-May-20 16:30:20

Yes @MyNameHasBeenTaken but the chicken ones were far nicer, the flavour was sooo strong. The fish 'n' chip ones aren't a patch on them. I've seen tomato snaps!

potter07 Tue 12-May-20 16:31:08

Cadbury marble and Mars delight!

SerenDippitty Tue 12-May-20 16:31:43

Those Phileas Fogg Garlic Bread bite things.

berrynice16 Tue 12-May-20 16:32:18

A mint feast!

mrsbyers Tue 12-May-20 16:42:58

@MyNameHasBeenTaken sandwich spread is still on sale - I love the stuff

noworklifebalance Tue 12-May-20 17:08:50

Mint kit Kat chunky - oh the disappointment when I bought a green Kit Kat chunky & it was hazelnut flavour.

YouTheCat Tue 12-May-20 17:09:44

Cabana bars.

namechangenumber2 Tue 12-May-20 17:27:22

Orange Aeros - where have they gone?!

namechangenumber2 Tue 12-May-20 17:29:42

Can anyone remember a chocolate bar that was two sticks and a mix between a wafer and chewy caramel? I can't remember it's name!

HouseOfPaper Tue 12-May-20 17:40:36

@namechangenumber2 Drifter??

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Tue 12-May-20 17:47:59

Our corner shop sells the big orange aero for £1 amazing orangeness

I loved those puff crisps especially tomato flavour

And banjo bars

Have been fancying a Stat Bar they must be still about but not seen one for a while. A meal in itself

namechangenumber2 Tue 12-May-20 17:50:27

@HouseOfPaper - yes!!! They've been discontinued though by the looks of it sad

SparklesAllOver Tue 12-May-20 17:52:28

Another one for Cabana bars, Drifters, Texan bars too

OgoPogo8 Tue 12-May-20 17:53:19

Mars Delight was great.

mcdog Tue 12-May-20 17:54:06

Prawn cocktail wotsits

lynzpynz Tue 12-May-20 17:54:20

Cadburys spira and secret bars mmm

PrettyTricky Tue 12-May-20 17:54:24

Does anyone remember Milkybar Munchies? I used to absolutely love them, haven't seen them in years. White chocolate loveliness with a little biscuit in the middle. Yummy

PrincessHoneysuckle Tue 12-May-20 17:54:23

Ready salted chipsticks

OwlinaTree Tue 12-May-20 17:54:53

Tangy Tom crisps.

PrettyTricky Tue 12-May-20 17:55:48

Salt and vnegar Quavers too. Loved them.

Vinipote Tue 12-May-20 18:13:01

Ohh @OwlinaTree I got a big bag of those last week in Home Bargains. Not exactly essential foodstuff but 👀 I hid in the shed and ate the whole bag too! blush

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