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Really freaking out please help

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Hopefullynoneedtoworry Mon 11-May-20 17:46:40

Posting for traffic because I really need the hive mind/any doctors or nurses or medical professional/anyone with experience of this to tell me what the hell they think this is:

My son started today randomly crinking his neck, so that his ear touched his shoulder. Not a big deal, right? Except that at the same time his arm was pulling up and making a bit of a deformed claw with his hand. Every time. He is otherwise well but I emailed the paedatrician who has come back with quite an alarming email about needing to come in and see him ASAP. Not sure when he has availability waiting for an appointment but now DH and I are extremely worried about what this could be.

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Isadora2007 Mon 11-May-20 17:47:37

How old is he?

SmileyClare Mon 11-May-20 17:52:42

Could be involuntary spasm. Hand spasm (clenching) can be caused by overused muscles, a trapped nerve, sometimes low calcium levels or even dehydration. It's usually the muscles involuntarily contracting. Not often serious.

Obviously go to your appointment but try not to panic. Easier said then done I know.

okiedokieme Mon 11-May-20 17:53:04

I'm guessing there's underlying health problems as you have a paediatrician? Call 111 if you are really worried as they can access out of hours advice

Hopefullynoneedtoworry Mon 11-May-20 17:55:15

He had an operation very young due to undescended testes which is why we have a paedatrician. He is 2.

I sent the doctor photos as well of him doing the action so he had a visual and was making the comment based on that too, rather than just description.


Thank you for those suggestions

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SmileyClare Mon 11-May-20 17:59:40

Has he been using his hand or arm for an activity repetitively today? For example lots of colouring in, painting or something? There is something called occupational dystonia which can cause the temporary symptoms you describe.

Hopefullynoneedtoworry Mon 11-May-20 18:04:42

No - he hasn’t. His attention span is very short for doing anything like that. Basically lots of playing different things. Would that also cause his neck to kink to the side too?

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Elephantonascooter Mon 11-May-20 18:07:31

Sounds like some kind of tic to me. However, I am NOT a medical professional. Try not to worry op, I know that's easy for me to say but please try

hiredandsqueak Mon 11-May-20 18:13:05

Dystonia is what sprung to mind

SmileyClare Mon 11-May-20 18:13:24

Hand dystonia can include the hand forearm or shoulder. I don't think anyone can diagnose on the internet but it's possible. He might have been playing a specific activity or leaning weight on that side. It's a sort of cramp.

All you can do is keep an eye on it, if it keeps happening, note down when, how often and what he was doing .

As mentioned above, if you're in the UK and are becoming concerned or he gets worse then 111 for out of hours advice.

Hope you can get an appointment soon. It's awful waiting and worrying.

Wannabeeme Mon 11-May-20 18:17:13

Sounds like a tic. Quite common in young children, boys especially

Hopefullynoneedtoworry Mon 11-May-20 18:33:40

Is a tic or dystonia likely if it comes and goes? He was doing it repeatedly in the park today. Really a lot - to the point where I was freaked out and took him home. At home he has done it once or twice and that’s it. Can’t understand the difference between outside and inside

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CherryStoneTree Mon 11-May-20 18:39:18

I think the fact that you have already contacted your doctor and they want to see him soon is a good thing, take the first appointment and go from there. There isn’t much we can do to reassure or advise you until you’ve seen his doctor and been reassured.
I do think the one good thing to come out of this pandemic is more digital access to doctors, with videos like you’ve done. He’s been triaged and assessed quicker than you could wait for an appointment.

lowlandLucky Mon 11-May-20 18:43:59

You have asked the consultant for advice , he has told you he needs to see your Son a.s.a.p, take the advice you asked for. I hope your little one is ok

Hopefullynoneedtoworry Mon 11-May-20 18:46:41

We are going to see him ASAP! We are waiting for him to tell us when he is available for us to see him.

We are just worried due to his wording and would therefore like opinions on what this might be just because the waiting is driving us crazy and it seems like he has something in mind he does not want to say

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SmileyClare Mon 11-May-20 18:54:52

Dystonia is very uncommon, tics are common in young children and usually go away overtime. Don't draw his attention to it or make a thing of it in front of him. Tics are harmless and are often caused if he's overtired, stressed or even very happy and excited, so that would tie in with being out in the park?

Don't drive yourself mad googling possibilities. There are some basic tests your paediatric consultant can do.

For now ignore it as much as you can, don't try to stop him doing it and make sure he's getting enough sleep and downtime and stays hydrated.

Hopefullynoneedtoworry Mon 11-May-20 18:57:10

Thank you @SmileyClare - I’m not too worried re hydration or calcium as he drinks buckets every day, including lots of milk, breastmilk and just plain water. Nice full nappies etc. Hope you’re right and it’s just a tic

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Prontoe Mon 11-May-20 19:02:34

Could be lack of oxygen or one that gets missed a lot - low magnesium.

Prontoe Mon 11-May-20 19:03:13

It's not a tic and is likely painful.

Prontoe Mon 11-May-20 19:04:34

Is his hand folding back towards his wrist? Is his jaw getting clenched?

Prontoe Mon 11-May-20 19:06:44

When are you seeing the doctor? If it's not today, you need to bring him to A&E. Ignore the posters saying it's a tic. Please.

Prontoe Mon 11-May-20 19:08:37

It could be hypoxia, it could be low blood sugars, and if they can't find anything, ask them to check his magnesium (and potassium).

flapjackfairy Mon 11-May-20 19:09:43

It could be a seizure as well. They can take very strange forms depending on what part of the brain is triggered. The claw hand is what my child does at times during seizures. Does he seem fine in himself otherwise ?

Prontoe Mon 11-May-20 19:10:05

I've just re-read and you've said his neck is also clenching. He needs urgent help. If the paediatrician isn't coming in the next half hour, you need to take him to A&E.

Mlou32 Mon 11-May-20 19:12:20

I wouldn't go to A&E as a pp has said. If the doctor thought it was an emergency or warranted a trip to A&E, he'd have said to do that. Instead he said he wants to see you asap as opposed to months down the line.

Give him a call tomorrow to alleviate your worries.

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