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To be sick of corona conspiracies.

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bluemoon77 Mon 11-May-20 12:48:07

Is anyone else getting all these conspiracy type things popping up on their newsfeeds. Also messages from friends with “Read this before it’s taken down”. A lot of them are doctors saying they’re paid to call deaths as covid-19, or that the virus isn’t real, don’t have the vaccine, Bill Gates is in on it so we can be chipped to control us, the virus really came from an American lab, New World Order etc etc. Sometimes I start half believing them. What does everyone think?

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GnusSitOnCanoes Mon 11-May-20 13:02:36

It’s batshit. It’s just some people’s way of managing what feels to them to be an out of control situation. A global pandemic has been a threat for decades - this was a completely predictable event.

oversomerainbow Mon 11-May-20 13:09:32

Hide the posts and unfriend the posters!

Littlegoth Mon 11-May-20 13:10:46

‘Doctors’. Most of the ‘doctors’ on the conspiracy threads I’ve seen either don’t hold a medical degree, or have been so inept they’ve come close to being stripped of their licenses.

Unfortunately this just makes belief in them even stronger as ‘the government is trying to silence them’.

I’ve been using my unfollow button a lot.

Starryeyes1976 Mon 11-May-20 13:11:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ByzantinePrincess Mon 11-May-20 13:13:07

Anyone can invent or make up a theory and spread it. I could theorise that it’s possible to communicate with people hundreds of miles away if you shout into your washing machine. Millions could believe it but it wouldn’t make it true...

KKSlider Mon 11-May-20 13:16:27

Everyone knows that CV19 is a ruse to make us stay indoors so that they can change the batteries in the birds. Birds began dying out in the 1950s so governments gradually started replacing them with drones, ever since the last real wild bird died in 2001 they've all been drones. And now they need routine maintenance and new battery packs.

True story.

LuvMyBoyz Mon 11-May-20 13:38:40

This is one of the reason I dumped FB. Just cannot believe people can share this rubbish.

TooTrueToBeGood Mon 11-May-20 13:40:25

I don't get any of these on my feed, though of course I know they are out there. Have you thought about being more selective about who you friend/follow?

bluemoon77 Mon 11-May-20 14:08:45

It’s not just friends though that post this stuff, they crop up on “things you might be interested in”, also on YouTube. I don’t believe them, but do admit to having the odd doubt. I don’t trust governments either. confused

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TheCanterburyWhales Mon 11-May-20 14:13:55

And the blogs!
On here, especially, your common or garden MNer will hit that Google button and post the first link to the first tinfoil hat blog they find supporting their stance. There was a beaut last week. Poster links to blog by A.N Othernutjob about how Covid doesn't exist and it's the Illuminati wanting to take over the world (or sth) I clicked on the page and it actually says in big letters "this site has been partially hidden because it's run by a nutter"

Kljnmw3459 Mon 11-May-20 14:20:18

It's mad what people are willing to believe. In Instagram you get the qanon nutters spouting their nonsense everywhere.

AuntMasha Mon 11-May-20 14:24:58

Phone masts, 5G, Bill Gates, Deep State, Pizzagate, the Rothschilds, illuminati, etc, etc. It’s all total QAnonsense.

SunbathingDragon Mon 11-May-20 14:27:45

Yanbu but remember, originally at the end of last year some Chinese doctors posted their own theory about a new coronavirus that was very contagious. They were telling the truth and it’s because very rarely these stories are not complete fiction but whistleblowers and/or people who are telling the truth that some people will continue believe.

Fluffybutter Mon 11-May-20 14:29:26

Dump fb for a start. It’s the absolute worst for fake news then get rid of all the rest ..

dadshere Mon 11-May-20 14:30:21

There is a virus. After that who knows. I would not be surprised to discover that it escaped from a lab in China.

AuntMasha Mon 11-May-20 14:30:59

Pandemics are and always have been fertile ground for Conspiracy theories. The Germans were supposedly behind the Spanish Flu and were accused of exporting Aspirin contaminated with the virus. Jewish communities were blamed for the Black Death of 1345 because they had allegedly poisoned the wells and Dutch, French and Flemish immigrants were violently attacked during the Plague of London in 1666.

TooTrueToBeGood Mon 11-May-20 14:31:11

I don’t trust governments either.

Neither do I but mainly because I doubt their competence rather than their motives. The notion that they can shamble their way through their day job but somehow have the wits to mastermind some sinister plot to enslave the population is ridiculous.

ArbitraryNameChange Mon 11-May-20 14:34:48

I was in school with someone who keeps on about Plandemics. It's fascinating, for all the wrong reasons. I have already been told to 'carry on sleeping' about the HUGE fraud that's going on apparently right under my nose.

They're anti vaxxers as well. Batshit.

bluemoon77 Mon 11-May-20 14:42:15

Theres one friend that continuously calls us all sheepies.

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AvalancheKit Mon 11-May-20 14:49:44

It’s batshit @GnusSitOnCanoes

Was that a deliberate or accidental pun grin

Rainbowchampagne Mon 11-May-20 15:11:22

I love a conspiracy theory because I love how batshit they are, especially Finland not being real!

But honestly I can understand why seemingly normal people believe the corona virus ones because (very luckily) I do not know a single person who has been affected it in any way (including them knowing someone dying from it) My uncle said he had it. But the symptoms were the same of a standard chest infection. I go from I don’t want to loose anyone to, well we will all have to catch it if there’s no vaccine to wondering if it’s real

I think it’s because I have so much time on my hands to worry now

TooTrueToBeGood Mon 11-May-20 15:12:08

Theres one friend that continuously calls us all sheepies.

They like that one. When I can be bothered killing 5 mins winding them up I turn it back on them. Ask them how many of components of their theory are their own original thinking. In almost every case the truth, once you weedle it out of them, is none and they are just blindly repeating things they've read somewhere. SO they are just as much sheep as the rest of us. The difference is our shepherds tend to be renowned scientists, academics and other such experts whereas they follow David Icke or some fruitloop in a basement in Shitsville, USA.

bluemoon77 Mon 11-May-20 15:25:01

Somebody turned it back on this person today. He was going on about that corona doesn’t exist and someone said one of their family members had it. He just came back with. “I’m too tired to argue with you” shock

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StillCoughingandLaughing Mon 11-May-20 15:28:28

Oh God, those people should be shot.

A school friend of mine always pops up whenever there’s some kind of terrorist incident, questioning whether it really happened or if it’s been fabricated to distract us from something else 🙄 In the early days of Coronavirus, he posted asking whether anyone actually knew anyone who’d had it, as he didn’t and neither did any of his friends and it was making him suspicious. There had been less than 10,000 cases at the time - not exactly that surprising that, out of a population of over 60 million, one man in the Midlands hadn’t met any of them..

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