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To think pcos is a curse

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Expat30 Sun 10-May-20 01:28:48

I have been married for 3 years and we have been ttc since the beginning, no luck. Doctors say I have pcos other than that everything is fine and as I have fairly regular cycles and do ovulate they have put me on metformin only, have been taking for 6 months and still no pregnancy.

I also take maca and evening primrose oil.

If you have pcos how long did it take you to conceive? And what supplements/medications helped?

I'm losing hope, maybe my body is just useless and ill never get pregnant.

MrPipsGran Sun 10-May-20 01:46:32

I have PCOS and became pregnant within a month of coming off the contraceptive pill. I never had regular cycles and was on the pill for this and to make my periods lighter and less painful. It contained an anti-androgen. Now have a 21 year old daughter, our miracle baby as I was told that I would never have children. Never used the pill or any other contraception since and never became pregnant again. Go back to your consultant, there are so many ways that they can do to assist you. Fertility treatments have moved on much much further since the 1990s.

stopgap Sun 10-May-20 01:49:01

I got pregnant within a month both times and have always had a regular cycle, albeit on the longer side.

I do recall I was taking Vitex back then. Inositol is another tremendously helpful supplement for PCOS and boosting fertility—more so than evening primrose.

MrPipsGran Sun 10-May-20 01:49:28

Forgot to say, don't give up hope. Your body is not useless, it just might need a bit of help. Sending you hugs.

walkingchuckydoll Sun 10-May-20 02:01:06

7 years of fertility treatments. I got pregnant in that time through IUI but miscarried and got pregnant through ivf twice but had a stillborn once. Fingers crossed for this one. It's a journey, but keep on going.

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sun 10-May-20 02:01:35

We tried for 4 years before I finally got pregnant during our first cycle of clomid.

My second pregnancy was a complete accident and we suspect because I had lost a lot of weight and was generally eating better which helped to regulate my insulin.

Don't give up hope. PCOS can make it difficult to conceive but not impossible.

Expat30 Sun 10-May-20 02:12:18

@MrPipsGran what contraception pill were you on and how long did you take it for?

@stopgap just started taking inositol this month hope it helps. I tried taking vitex before but gave me awful migraines.

My cycle is regular. It is incredibly frustrating when everyone around you falls pregnant at the blink of an eye. I

Whatsmyname26 Sun 10-May-20 02:12:44

We were told it would be extremely unlikely we would be able to conceive and put in waiting list for icsi ivf. Managed to conceive twice naturally! Have everything crossed for you x

Expat30 Sun 10-May-20 02:18:21

@Whatsmyname26 were you taking any supplements or medication? Metformin etc? Thank you

MrPipsGran Sun 10-May-20 02:22:59

@Expat30 I think it was called Dianette. Not sure if it's still made though.

Couchbettato Sun 10-May-20 02:25:59

I have pcos but wasn't actively trying to get pregnant so I had an IUD put in. I also have a bicornuate uterus with a deep septum which we didn't know at the time, but this meant that my IUD was never actually in place and probably didn't work as I still had regular periods and such which I haven't had with other progesterone based contraceptives. I did fall pregnant after 4 years, which is when we found out that the uncomfortable feeling I'd been having since it's insertion was actually because it was sat just atop my cervix and not where it actually needed to be.
I was on Metformin though already and had been for 2 years at that point.

allfurcoatnoknickers Sun 10-May-20 02:26:52

I have PCOS and endometriosis and completely irregular cycles. I was seeing a reproductive endocrinologist because my insides were such a disaster the doctor thought there was no chance I'd conceive naturally, even though I was 31.

I got pregnant within 6 weeks. Total fluke I think.

Wasn't on any supplements or medications yet, but I had got down to a healthy BMI of 23 (usually more like 25/26) and I was 16:8 fasting, which had helped a lot with my other PCOS symptoms.

Expat30 Sun 10-May-20 02:30:29

@mrpipsgran yes I'm abroad and they sell that here in the pharmacy its called Diana here. I don't know what I should do going forward. I think I will continue with the metformin and inositol and see how that goes if still no pregnancy I may try the Diana for a few months and see if it helps me get pregnant the cycle after. How long were you on it for?

MrPipsGran Sun 10-May-20 02:36:24

@Expat30 I was on it for several years. I think it was the anti-androgen element of it that helped. Plus putting pillows under my bum and my legs up the bedroom wall for half an hour after sex, just to help the sperm get to where it needed to be wink

stopgap Sun 10-May-20 03:15:52

@Expat30, I started taking inositol two years ago and it’s turned around all my PCOS symptoms, so I hope it works for you on the PCOS fertility front!

Expat30 Sun 10-May-20 03:35:32

@stopgap thank you, I hope so too. How much do you take a day? I mix a teaspoon in water once a day and take it. Should I be taking more?

BarbedBloom Sun 10-May-20 05:06:21

10 years on and hasn't happened for me. Trying to decide whether to move on or try IVF. I think I am just unlucky as my ovaries are scarred

Racoonworld Sun 10-May-20 05:18:56

I was put on metformin for PCOS and I fell pregnant on my third month of taking it. My consultant set out a plan of what to try next if this didn’t work but luckily I didn’t need it. Have you noticed the metformin help to regulate your cycles? It can take people with no issues a year to conceive naturally so it may just take some time once metformin starts to work.

RoscoePColtrane Sun 10-May-20 05:29:43

7 years. My story is v similar to pps', told it would never happen, gave up, got pregnant. One miscarriage 5 years later.

makingmammaries Sun 10-May-20 05:38:33

I have PCOS and managed to conceive naturally 5 times. There was a time when I thought it wouldn’t happen, though. I went on a low GI diet and lost about half a stone and that seemed to fix it. Read up on PCOS, insulin resistance and GI.

DianaT1969 Sun 10-May-20 05:55:18

Have you read Dr Jason Fung Obesity Code? It links PCOS with insulin resistance. He strongly recommends a low glycemic diet/keto with intermittent fasting so that you aren't spiking insulin often. More info on Diet Doctor website. Sorry, you may already know that as the first thing recommended is to lose weight. Dr Fung makes it clear that losing weight isn't calories in - calories out - when insulin is a factor.

Dinosauraddict Sun 10-May-20 06:24:12

I have PCOS and couldn't get pregnant naturally as didn't ovulate at all. In the end it took metformin, clomid, and ovulation stimulation injections - but it worked and I now have a 10 week old DS smile Good luck!

Mindblowninbrisvegas Sun 10-May-20 06:40:47

I have PCOS but was not ovulating. Prescribed metformin and told I would have to wait 12 months before they would consider me for any additional treatment / refer me to a fertility specialist as they said I was at high risk of a multiple pregnancy .

The 12 months passed and no luck . The referral was made to see a fertility specialist . Two days before my appointment I found out I was pregnant. I attended the appointment anyway where I was scanned and discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant with twins. Healthy pregnancy and they are now teenagers.

Strangely the pregnancy really sorted my hormones out and my PCOS has been much better ever since. Conceived my 3rd without any problems.

For me I was definitely putting huge emotional pressure on myself and that definitely didn’t help me.

Good luck.

Octoblock Sun 10-May-20 06:47:53

I have PCOS and conceived first month of trying; I have regular (ish) but long cycles. I swear by myoinositol and I also took the seven seas ttc tablets at the same time. OPKs are useless with PCOS but a basal thermometer and a good tracking app meant that after a few months I could work out when I ovulated. I went for it and was lucky. I really hope it works out for you thanks

oaktree12 Sun 10-May-20 06:48:27

I have pcos too, and I also took metformin to get pregnant, and I will do again when the time comes.
My first pregnancy (that I lost at 12 weeks) took me 14 months to get pregnant, and then my second successful pregnancy it took me around 12 months on metformin.

Don't give up hope xx

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