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Boris and a costa?

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ThisHereMamaBear Sat 09-May-20 18:58:19

I am so confused now. What message is he giving? We're in Lockdown and he's having a costa. I had a close look at the picture and it doesn't look like one of those fill them up at home cups. I'm moving planets.

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MinkowskisButterfly Sat 09-May-20 19:01:20

Aren't Costa doing drive through though?

Hopkinsscar Sat 09-May-20 19:02:18

Maybe he got it at coop. A supermarket. That people can go to.

Splodgetastic Sat 09-May-20 19:04:22

Lots of government departments have them.

Dodgytrousers Sat 09-May-20 19:06:06

Oh ffs .

He walked through a park .

We're all allowed to walk through a fucking park.

Place your bets now that the heckler was a Labour activist...

DooDooDooDooooo Sat 09-May-20 19:07:48

But...but...we are allowed a Costa and we are allowed to walk through parks.

Livelovebehappy Sat 09-May-20 19:08:13

They do takeaway costas everywhere. Our local shop does them, as does the petrol station round the corner. He was on his way to work and picked up a take away costa. What’s wrong with that? confused

PurpleDaisies Sat 09-May-20 19:11:17

I get a costa every time I go to my local garage.

ThisHereMamaBear Sat 09-May-20 19:12:07

Sorry, I was under the impression that we were just doing 'essential shopping?' There's nothing essential about a Costa. A walk through the park fine but the Costa is irresponsible imo.

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PurpleDaisies Sat 09-May-20 19:12:59

Why is it irresponsible to get a take away coffee as part of your shop?

KingJarvis Sat 09-May-20 19:13:09

He’s having a Costa???? Oh my fucking God!!!! How dare he.....

Laaalaaaa Sat 09-May-20 19:14:15

If something’s for sale then you can buy it. If not then the business’ would not be allowed to open.

BirdieFriendReturns Sat 09-May-20 19:14:28

A couple of weeks ago, people on here were shrieking about milk not being essential and to put cheese in your coffee if you don’t have milk. Yet it’s okay to buy takeout coffee now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Make your minds up

ThisHereMamaBear Sat 09-May-20 19:15:05

@Dodgytrousers but he walked through a park with a flippant item. Nothing essential about a Costa. He would have known he would have been photographed with it. Just paves the way for tomorrow's announcement I guess.

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majesticallyawkward Sat 09-May-20 19:15:09

* .A walk through the park fine but the Costa is irresponsible imo*

A take away coffee is fine. Just like take away food is. OP are you one of those that only buys bread and milk because nothing else is essential? Are you checking other shoppers trolleys and alerting them to their crimes of buying non-essentials?

BirdieFriendReturns Sat 09-May-20 19:15:27

I was told I couldn’t go to the shop to buy sanitary towels last month and to rip up on a old sheet instead.

KingJarvis Sat 09-May-20 19:16:05


I wasn’t. I give no fucks as to what people buy.

Scarletoharaseyebrows Sat 09-May-20 19:16:11

Really? Are we having this discussion?

Sparklingbrook Sat 09-May-20 19:16:22

He really can't do anything right can he? Having a Costa on the way to work. How disgusting. grin

There was a thread a coupe of days ago about people queuing for a drive through Costa for 90 minutes and the consensus was that that was ok. confused

HappyHammy Sat 09-May-20 19:16:52

A take out coffee. So what. Is he the only person who has bought one.

DooDooDooDooooo Sat 09-May-20 19:17:49

Perhaps there is gruel in the cup.

ScubaSteven Sat 09-May-20 19:17:58

Ffs, we are allowed Costa to take away. We are not being punished.

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 09-May-20 19:18:57

Oh gosh yes, you were. I’d forgotten how mad it got.

Choice4567 Sat 09-May-20 19:18:58

But it’s allowed... you can have one if you want OP

ThisHereMamaBear Sat 09-May-20 19:18:59

@majesticallyawkward I don't judge other shoppers, I judge the pm of this country for having a Costa when a few weeks back he was ill in hospital. The message he is giving is panic over everyone, back to normal life. And yes, I am one of those people who don't pop to the shop for non essential items.

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