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AIBU should I report my neighbour?

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Poppygirl96 Fri 08-May-20 00:32:16

My neighbour is using the keep clear part at the end of our dead end road to open a mechanics business from home. He has cars and motorcycles parked up there constantly that he’s working on and it makes a lot of noise during the day. People have been coming and going constantly to pick up their vehicle or drop off so there’s never anywhere to park and we can’t use the keep clear area to do our three point turns and the noise can be so loud. He’s clearly flouting the lockdown rules to do this. Me and him have animosity already due to a previous minor falling out so I’m hesitant to report him but it’s getting too much. AIBU to want to report him for this and how do I go about it if I’m not?

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tillyteatowel Fri 08-May-20 00:40:18

In what way do you think he is “clearly” flouting the lockdown rules? Do you actually know what the rules are because you don’t seem to understand them?

Garages / mechanics are allowed to be open as they are essential businesses. People who need their cars (eg key workers) can have them repaired so they are in good working order.

He might be flouting the rules of the road, he might need a change of use application for his premises, but he isn’t breaking the lockdown rules. If you’re going to complain, do it accurately.

Kinneddar Fri 08-May-20 00:43:55

I'd say hes possibly shouldn't be operating a business from home but I cant see that hes breaking lockdown rules

Disquieted1 Fri 08-May-20 00:48:08

Report him to who?

LockedInMadness Fri 08-May-20 00:49:17

Well he shouldn't be running a mechanic business from a residential street should he?! I'd ask the council what you can do.

Gingerkittykat Fri 08-May-20 00:57:48

I'm assuming it is not a registered business.

You need to contact the council about that and not the police.

Poppygirl96 Fri 08-May-20 12:53:12

@tillyteatowel it’s not a registered business and he’s taking up the keep clear area

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TheCanterburyWhales Fri 08-May-20 12:53:57

How do you know?

imsooverthisdrama Fri 08-May-20 12:57:49

So the issue is he's blocking the keep clear area not breaking the lockdown rules .
Like someone else said it's the council that deal with that .

Pinkyyy Fri 08-May-20 12:58:30

YANBU to not want him using a communal area.

YABU to try and begrudge someone earning a bit of money at times like this. He's not breaking the lockdown rules, working from home is being strongly advised to perhaps he's only working there for now.

ifonly4 Fri 08-May-20 12:59:55

If your properties were built at the same time, worth checking your deeds. There might be a clause saying you can't operate a business from the premises. If so, chances are his deeds say the same things.

As others have said he probably isn't breaking lockdown regulations, but not been very neighbourly in blocking a keep clear area and the noise.

HaudYerWheeshtYaWeeBellend Fri 08-May-20 13:00:29

How do you k ow he’s not registered confused

He isn’t flouting anything if he’s running a business from home.

Windyatthebeach Fri 08-May-20 13:00:58

He isn't working on his own property. Report to the council..

Givenupno Fri 08-May-20 13:05:20

If he is a mechanic who normally works in his own Garage and is now working from home then I would live and let live to be honest.

People are being advised to work from home where possible. His normal premises might need three or four staff to be able to be kept secure while open?

He isn’t breaching any lockdown rules while he is working from home.

My neighbours are all working from home and crippling my broadband and their cars are here all day while they are normally out. Their kids are home all day while they are normally at school and there is loads of extra noise.

Sounds like you need a chill pill to be honest.

Poppygirl96 Wed 13-May-20 17:49:23

@Givenupno he normally has a 9-5 job he has only started this recently. I’ve seen motorbikes outside and it’s so loud and takes up most of the road. Idk maybe I am over reacting but it’s not fair to the rest of us who use parking spaces

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amber763 Wed 13-May-20 18:21:30

It's petty to report someone trying to make ends meet

CandidaAlbicans2 Wed 13-May-20 23:16:37

Poppy, are you at home all the time? What I mean is, do you only have to put up with this temporarily (eg just until lockdown ends) or are you stuck at home with the noise from his business long term? I'm afraid I have no idea if he's broken any regulations but I can sympathise with you, it's a bit of a pain by the sounds of it.

JaniceBattersby Wed 13-May-20 23:21:29

If he’s not a registered garage then of course he’s breaking lockdown rules because he’s just some bloke who’s having a load of strangers coming to his house.

I’d report in a heartbeat. You can’t just set up shop in a public part of a residential street.

Louise91417 Wed 13-May-20 23:26:16

Pretty petty to report, this is were i believe karma comes right back round to bite you in the ass..people who snitch on something trivial like this never have pp and let live...

Intelinside57 Wed 13-May-20 23:28:29

It's not easy to run a registered car mechanic business from home. Health and safety issues, a waste disposal licence... if you speak to the local council they will visit and check what he's up to. If he ever repairs any of the cars on the public road then that is illegal. I don't know why you're getting a hard time Op, there are public safety issues around what he is doing. If it's all above board and properly licenced then he'll be fine to carry on, but I would expect him to get a visit at some point if you report him. My husband had the council visit because they had been told he was running a car repair business in the garage. He wasn't, he was restoring a car for himself, but the lady from the council told him that a commercial operation would not have been given permission.

sportinguista Thu 14-May-20 10:02:17

We had this a few years ago. Two men from the next street set up a 'garage' on the street and were repairing cars for money. Reported it and moved on. We had the same on a nearby street which had a wide pavement, the garage which opened which had a yard and premises decided that they would use the wide pavement as 'extra' room meaning that they'd have jacked-up cars and equipment all across it, meaning there was very little room to pass and it was dangerous especially with children around. I reported it repeatedly and they kept doing it. In the end, they closed I think because the police kept fining them. You cannot just open a garage where you like or let it spill on to public paths etc it has to be given a commercial licence and it's extremely unlikely to be granted for a residential street without proper premises.

Fluffybutter Thu 14-May-20 10:09:58

People seriously think that it’s legal to just start up a mechanics business on the curb??
*spoiler alert* it’s not

SissySpacekAteMyHamster Thu 14-May-20 10:14:16

I'd be pissed off with the noise aspect. I'd report. I dont think its petty. He could go mobile and work on people's vehicles on their own drives.

Imgladimnotyourchild Thu 14-May-20 10:14:47

Keep your nose out dont be a grass

Stefoscope Thu 14-May-20 10:19:03

I'd report it to the council, not sure why people are saying that's petty. If he's blocking the access so cars are unable to three point turn, then presumably there wouldn't be adequate access for an ambulance or fire engine.

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