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Danmelad Wed 06-May-20 10:29:37

Had a family booked with Jet2 for May of this year - then the virus struck!!

I was wondering how we would get any of the money paid back. We received an initial email saying that holidays would be affected and that they would contact travellers in departure date order. So I waited.

Ten days ago - out of the blue - I received a cancellation invoice and then - 2 days ago I check my credit card balance to see that the full amount had been repaid. Deposit, full balance of holiday and the amount paid for reserving seat - all paid back to my credit card.

No hassle, no fuss, no long hours spent on the phone - just paid back in full.

At a time now when that money can be put to better use, I was just very grateful to Jet2 for doing all of that with no hassle whatsoever.

As soon as travel restrictions are lifted I shall be going back to Jet2 to book my next holiday.

Thank you!!

Raindancer411 Wed 06-May-20 10:31:28

A good company then smile

Louise0701 Wed 06-May-20 10:34:36

Brilliant! I’ve used jet2 a number of times in the past and always had a fantastic experience with them. I’m currently having an absolutely nightmare with TUI!

christmassausages Wed 06-May-20 10:34:55

I'm waiting for them to contact me about a refund as well. Holiday is not happening as is before their cut off date of 17/6/20. I'm on a Jet2 facebook group and going by what everyone on there is saying the company is really doing their best. I always holiday with Jet2 and will continue to do so in the future.

One thing though, if holidays have been paid in installments then this is how the refunds are being done. Some of mine was paid on a credit card and some with a debit card so I'll expect my refunds to be separate.

Xiqu Wed 06-May-20 10:36:52

That's good service. BA holidays did the same with our Xmas Vegas holiday. Just emailed to say it was cancelled and refunded to whole package balance (flight and hotel). No phoning needed.

Xiqu Wed 06-May-20 10:37:17

*LAS Vegas not Xmas Vegas

MummaGiles Wed 06-May-20 10:37:53

This is good to read. TUI are dragging their feet. I’ve only used Jet2 for flights before, having booked accommodation separately, but I was very impressed with them then. It was one of the most pleasant flying experiences I have had.

RebeccaCloud9 Wed 06-May-20 10:39:57

We got our flights refunded so easily and quickly from Jet2. So impressed with them especially compared to Ryan Air. I know who we'll be choosing to book with in future!

ArbitraryNameChange Wed 06-May-20 10:40:33

I've used Jet2holidays a couple of tunes and found them faultless.

I hope their business can survive with what's going on at the moment

MT2017 Wed 06-May-20 10:41:54

Well, I don't know who would say YABU to that!

So...YANBU grin

IndiaMay Wed 06-May-20 10:43:43

We had this too. They called us about 2 weeks before departure date which was happened to be Easter sunday, was really surprised they were working that day. Had a nice conversation with the operator. They asked if we wanted vouchers, to move our holiday to sometime before march 2021 or our money back. We asked for money back and it was in our account within 48 hours. Really good service

GreyGardens88 Wed 06-May-20 10:43:54

Only ever flown with them, the flying experience has always been great, not booked a package holiday with them before, may look into it now

GreyGardens88 Wed 06-May-20 10:47:27

I had a great experience with LNER as well, I know it's a rail service not a holiday company, I just messaged them on facebook asking them what I should do about a refund, they just asked for my booking number and authorised the refund there and then, over facebook! I will always recommend them over say Grand Central

HilaryBriss Wed 06-May-20 10:48:18

Same here, I was due to travel on 16th May and received a full refund at the weekend without me having to do anything. I will definitely rebook with them next year.

recklessgran Wed 06-May-20 10:51:01

Yep, we've had a full refund too from Jet2 for a big family holiday in May totaling over 8k. Straight forward- e-mail confirmation of cancellation was followed a couple of weeks later by a cheery girl offering us a full refund. Money was in our account 3 days later. We are TUI defectors and will always remain loyal to Jet2 from now on after all we've heard about Tui in this fiasco.

ConstantlySeekingHappiness Wed 06-May-20 10:56:00

My holiday with jet2 in March was cancelled. I received a text to say it was cancelled and then they automatically refunded me the entire amount - including seats, etc.

Didn’t have to contact them at all.

I’ve always liked them as a company and will always try to book with them when I can.

PumpkinP Wed 06-May-20 10:56:27

Wish I had gone with them now, my sister insisted we booked with tui

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 06-May-20 10:57:58

They have also furloughed all of their lower earning staff on 100% of salary, topping up the 80% grant with their own reserves.

Yawnfest Wed 06-May-20 11:02:56

Yay JET 2!
Same here. Due to depart next week. They e-mailed to say either we could refund or cancel and to follow link - we tried to reschedule for next year to stay loyal to the company.
Had a call from them, a lovely Scottish lady but couldn't speak to me (as I wasn't lead passenger) and said they'd ring back.
Found they had refunded us yesterday, a bit sad really but probably the best and we need the money.
Unlike PIL who were going with Ryanair, said they'd reschedule flights in August - for more money and no refund offer.
Will be heading back to Jet2 next time.

Howaboutanewname Wed 06-May-20 11:09:21

I have always had great experiences with Jet2, including when I made a decision to cancel because I looked at my money twice and decided loss of deposit was the lesser of two evils. No hassle whatsoever. It is good to hear that at least one big company is treating both staff and customers well. They will have much repeat customers as a result.m

starrynight19 Wed 06-May-20 11:13:45

Wish we had booked with them. EasyJet just emailed to say our flight was cancelled and then you had to dig around to find the refund section. And they have said it will be up to 12 month to get a refund.

Louise0701 Wed 06-May-20 11:25:39

TUI are not even accepting phone calls. I’ve been absolutely disgusted with them throughout this and I will never book with them again. Wish I had gone with Jet2 this time as with previous recent holidays

nevermorelenore Wed 06-May-20 11:34:25

Jet2 are my favourite for package holidays. Really friendly and helpful with my DS who has autism. Excellent customer service. Of all the tour operators, they are the ones I would be most upset to see going under.

BarbaraofSeville Wed 06-May-20 11:47:11

They're pretty good in a lot of respects - we flown with them quite a lot and they're so nice and helpful. It's almost like they've watched Ryanair and decided to do the opposite.

We had a flight only booking with them for last week and they sent us a few emails saying 'sorry your flight is cancelled, we're working through bookings in date order' and said we could change the date online if we wanted to.

Then just before the date of the outward flight, they sent an email saying that they would just refund our money within 28 days, and it was back on the credit card in under a week.

They're the main airline from our local airport but we also use them from Manchester.

Likethebattle Wed 06-May-20 12:02:14

I prefer Jet2 to other airlines. The process is always seamless. All done easily online, print your gubbins and head off. Get to the airport and let them know you are there, onto the bus and off you go. I always love the randomness of the buses at Palma airport. ‘You are on bus 23’. Yes which is next to bus H as you would expect. Never had an issue with them ever.

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