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To ask your skin care routine?

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Stampy84 Sun 03-May-20 21:34:31

Ok so I’m 35, I need to start taking better care of my skin.
So far this is what I’m starting this week-
Cleanse face,
Toner (rose water toner)
Retinol serum
Olay anti wrinkle night cream (For evening) and the day one with spf 30 for day.

So turns out I need to use eye cream as well?? Seriously?? Ugh. But ok, if needs must..
so, can anyone recommend an eye cream they love? Or is it unnecessary?

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NotStayingIn Sun 03-May-20 21:56:29

Most beauty experts I follow on YouTube don’t think an eye cream is necessary. It’s just a more expensive moisturiser in a tiny pot. Retinol serum and SPF are the key ones to include so it feels like you are on the right track already.

Newbie1999 Sun 03-May-20 22:01:26

Liz Earle cleaner, toner, eye tonic and moisturiser, at night, when I remember/can be bothered.

Retinol serum? Can you recommend a brand?

Nosuchluck Sun 03-May-20 22:05:29

Morning Nivea facial wash, eye cream and moisturiser (all Q10).
Evening, Nivea facial wash and Nivea Q10 night cream.

DappledThings Sun 03-May-20 22:07:53

I wash it in the shower with sulphur soap which is meant to help with rosacea. Seems to be better in the few months I've been using it but could be coincidence.

That's the totality of my skin regime. I'm 40. Never used a toner or wotnot yet. Not planning to start! All sounds terribly complicated. I'm happy in my ignorance.

melisma Sun 03-May-20 22:09:14

Morning - Drops of Youth Body Shop facial wash, 3 x a week Drops Of Youth Peel, then no. 7 protect and perfect advanced serum and Sunsense SPf 50 daily moisturiser
Evening - Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser, instant boost skincare tonic, then no.7 protect and perfect serum and night cream. Particularly love the sunsense cream - recommended to me ages ago by a dermatologist and I love it. Re: eye cream- I have it but rarely remember to use it!

Pinkfrangipani Sun 03-May-20 22:09:48

Retinol is a good start. Which brand are you using? There are lots of variations of Retinol on the market and some are derivatives of Retinol rather than pure Retinol. These are not as effective but not a bad place to start and work your way up.

I would look to start using a separate SPF product rather than relying on what is in a moisturiser. The SPF is often diluted in these even though they may state a specific SPF.
Considering 80-90% of ageing is down to extrinsic factors such as the sun and pollution, using a good SPF minimum 30 is essential!

I would also look at using an antioxidant serum in the morning such as Vitamin C among others. A good quality Vitamin C serum will neutralise free radicals caused by pollution which eat away at our healthy skin cells leading to the breakdown of collagen. We start losing our natural collagen after the age of 30 so we want to keep hold of what we have! Sorry this is very depressing grin

Personally, I use eye cream because they are formulated not to irritate your eyes (obviously!) whereas using a facial moisturiser around the eyes can do so.

browzingss Sun 03-May-20 22:14:17


Eye serum & cream

I use all Kiehl’s products. I am in my early 20s and notice a massive difference when using eye products, hence why I use two. The serum helps the area look the same colour as the rest of my skin (reduces dark circles) and the cream just adds hydration and a glow. My eye area is problematic though, which is probably why I see such a difference.

In PM I remove makeup, layer 2-3 facial serums (eg hyaluronic acid) and skip the sunscreen.

suggestionsplease1 Sun 03-May-20 22:15:32

The Ordinary do good retinol products for very low prices. I built up to 1% retinol in squalene from 0.2% and then 0.5% as it can be pretty potent stuff, especially on sensitive skin and cause irritation and redness if too strong a product is used initially. You can also mix it with moisturiser to help get used to it, and build up to using every day. (It took me a year to get to 1%, and even then I only used it 3 times a week, at night.) Remember sunscreen as well!

Fuckerdoodle Sun 03-May-20 22:18:43

Lip balm

Eye cream
Lip balm

Make up removing is:
Eye make up remover
Micellar water

Twice a week:
Face scrub
Clay mask
Moisturising mask

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Sun 03-May-20 22:18:47

Morning : Cleanse with Jordan Samuel Skin Matinee, acid toner (either Paula’s choice BHA or the Beautypie Dr Glycolic), spritz with Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate the mist, couple of drops of Hydrate the serum mixed with the antioxidant serum, spritz again then moisture with either The Performance Cream or Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow, broad spectrum factor 50 using LRP Anthelios at the moment.

PM : Double cleanse with JSS Aftershow then either Matinee or the Exfolikate cleanser. Apply prescription tret from Dermatica, wait 30 minutes then moisturise with CeraVe if I think I need it.

Stampy84 Sun 03-May-20 22:30:41

This is the Retinol Serum I’ve got, had good reviews on Amazon

@Pinkfrangipani do you have an spf your recommend? Also the vitamin C serum?

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VillageFete Sun 03-May-20 22:36:14

@NotExactlyHappyToHelp I bet you have amazing skin. That’s a fabulous routine.

Am -

Cleanse (Olay)
Timeless Vit C
Moisturise (Olay day lotion usually, sometimes REN day lotion)
La Roche Posay SPF 50

PM -

Cleanse (sometimes double cleanse, depending on if wore make up)
Cerave or Sunday Riley eye cream
Mist with Vichy thermal spray
Hada Labo Hyaluronic acid
Mist again
Moisturise (Olay or Cerave)

Three times a week I use Paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid after cleansing.

I plan to introduce Paula’s choice Niacinamide soon. Will use this on alternate nights to the Hyaluronic acid to start with.

Acidrain Sun 03-May-20 22:39:15

I use the ordinary, really cheap and effective.
squalene cleanser
buffet serum
Mosturiser + HA

Again the ordinary
squalene cleanser
Rosehip oil
Mosturiser + HA

Twice a week i use Mario badescu flower and tonic face mask and i religiously use there drying lotion on spots.

qwertyuiop098 Sun 03-May-20 22:39:30

I second that the Ordinary is a great brand. You buy active ingredients not branding so prices are much lower and a lot less bullshit about what products do.

I now use:
Hyaluronic acid, amazing for hydrating skin
Glycolic acid, good for acne
Niacinimide and zinc for oil regulation
Argireline solution applied topically to reduce fine lines
Retinol too!
Then of course moisturiser and I’ve just started used bio oil for minor acne scars

This article is good for learning what to use and in which order

And you can explore the Reddit thread skincare addiction to learn more but it’s very much about finding out what works for you and adding products gradually. Let us know how you get on!

imhuntinghighandlow Sun 03-May-20 22:51:39

I use a flannel run under a hot tap, then Aldi Q10 if I remember blush

colourbynumbers Sun 03-May-20 22:51:45

I layer skincare products and my routine and the order I apply them is as follows...

Morning :-
Nivea cream cleanser
The Ordinary glycolic acid toner
The Ordinary hyaluronic acid
The Ordinary caffeine solution
The Ordinary vitamin c serum
Nip + Fab eye cream
Nivea Sun UV Face moisturiser with SPF 50

Night :-
Garnier Oil Based Micellar Water
Nivea Cream cleanser
Nip + Fab salicylic acid toner
The Ordinary hyaluronic acid + B5
The Ordinary niacinamide + zinc
The Ordinary retinol 1%
Nip + Fab eye cream
Nivea night cream

I also alternate between a hydrating face mask, a clay face mask and an anti aging face mask every 3rd day

I've been doing this for 3 months now and my skin has never looked better!

Justgorgeous Sun 03-May-20 23:04:49

I just wash my face with a face wash and use a nivea moisturiser.

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Sun 03-May-20 23:15:27

@VillageFete Thank you. I’ve suffered really badly with my skin but it’s a lot better and still slowly improving. Hope you enjoy the niacinamide. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever used for minimising pores.

VillageFete Sun 03-May-20 23:22:21

@NotExactlyHappyToHelp I really want to even my skintone. I’m led to believe Vit C and Niacinamide can help with this. Would you say that’s one of the benefits of Niacinamide? I’d love to move on to Tret, but with TTC I can’t. Maybe next year 🙏🏼

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 03-May-20 23:44:00


Wash face
Apply snail cream
Apply moisturiser.

Wash face
Apply snail slime
Apply moisturiser.

Before bed.
I always have a mint tea before bed and gently rub my face with the tea bag
Apply night cream.

I give myself a facial Every Wednesday.
Steam face
Shave my face.
Apply mud mask.
Scrub. face with salt mixed with milk. (TotAlly got rid of my discoloration)
Apply a moisturis ing mask.
Wash face again with simple face wash.
Apply snail slime
Apply moisturiser.

Apply mint tea to my face
Apply night cream.

LouiseCollina Mon 04-May-20 01:56:09

Soap and water to cleanse, it’s the deepest clean you’ll get, with an exfoliating scrub every few days. Same cream and eye balm morning and night. All from the L’Occitane Divine range. Yes it’s expensive but it’s the best cream out there in my experience. Does an amazing job. I got into using these because I was given a few little sample testers, then I was hooked!

Soap - L’Occitane Douceur Immortelle soap
Exfoliating scrub - L’Occitane Reine Blanche exfoliant
Face cream - L’Occitane Immortelle Divine cream
Eye cream - L’Occitane Immortelle Divine eye balm

Apirateslifeforme Mon 04-May-20 01:59:29

I need to start taking care of my skin.
I use nivea face cream and wash my fa e with a cheap face wash.

I'll be taking some tips from here, thanks OP!

TudoBem Mon 04-May-20 02:09:36

Soap and water and scrub with loofah to exfoliate. Moisturise with sunflower oil* mixed with a drop of an essential oil blend so it smells nice.

38, no wrinkles, this thread is absolutely bananas.

*cold pressed organic, I’m not a complete savage.

Seeingadistance Mon 04-May-20 02:13:55

Rub face with wet hands when in bath or shower in the morning.

When dry, rub a dollop of E45 cream onto face and neck.

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