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Employer making life VERY difficult.

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Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 13:58:50

Supposed to be returning from MAT leave in June, have childcare arranged and as a key worker they will still take my baby - excellent.

Had a team meeting with work this week to discuss going back and have been told that I have to relocate as my partner works on the same site as me - which has been known since I informed them we were in a relationship, however the policy changed in October (before I went on MAT leave). While we are on the same site, our jobs are separate and we are working in different buildings, have different managers and different hours. The different hours means I will need to do drop offs and pick ups to coincide with opening and closing hours.

So during the middle of a pandemic, with child care mostly closed I now have to find a new nursery, lose a significant term time deposit and start the settling in process all over again. Not only that, they have told me to find my own employment within the company - my head is exploding with all of this. AIBU to think this is an unnecessary ball ache!

I appreciate that this is a minor problem given the amount of people losing jobs!

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summerfruitssquash Sun 03-May-20 14:11:59

Surely they should have informed you of this before your mat leave?! No advice op, apart from maybe a union rep if you have one?!
There must be some way you can put it back on them by giving you insufficient time to arrange new things?!

PotteringAlong Sun 03-May-20 14:13:08

You have to find your own new job?!

slipperywhensparticus Sun 03-May-20 14:18:16

what does your contract say?

timeisnotaline Sun 03-May-20 14:22:51

You have a job. How is it ok to say you have to find your own new job? Do you have a union? Have you contacted your managers manager or your hr? What support is being given to you to find this new job? Why are you only being told now?

Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:24:43

I would have appreciated the heads up before Mat leave, instead my line manager told me to arrange a shift pattern with my other manager confused

@PotteringAlong - yes I have to search through the vacancy list. We are a massive U.K. wide organisation, so not easy.

@slipperywhensparticus - policy says we can be moved if the needs of the organisation needs it - think they’re legally covered by this line so my hands are tied?

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RandomMess Sun 03-May-20 14:24:48

Also why do you have to find a new job and not your DP confused your job is protected in law...

Bluntness100 Sun 03-May-20 14:26:24

I don’t understand this either, why have you to move, why wasn’t your partner moved ages ago?

Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:26:48

I joined a Union after the meeting but need to wait to be able to use them.

My manager and regional manager are involved. I’m a manager myself but know HR will just state policy

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BakedCam Sun 03-May-20 14:27:51

OP, your employers are asking you to internally relocate to another site and source your own role?

What was the policy change last October?

BakedCam Sun 03-May-20 14:28:19

X post

BakedCam Sun 03-May-20 14:29:14

Where does it state in the policy that members of the same family cannot work from the same site?

Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:30:08

My DP is having a meeting with the regional manager, his manager and (my manager confused) tomorrow but when I told them my DP would offer to move as childcare would be easier to sort, they seemed to suggest they don’t want him to move.

I think I’m being pushed out but can’t really prove it - the manager I work alongside sent home some of my personal work items home with my partner despite them being left there as I need them there.

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SpudsAreLife84 Sun 03-May-20 14:30:34

Can't he do drop offs etc so you dont have to find a new nursery?

OneMomentInHistory Sun 03-May-20 14:31:58

If the policy change happened before you went on Mat leave I'd be challenging the idea that it's only being implemented now.

Isn't the easier option for your partner to change location? Then your childcare still works for your times and location, as you said you're doing drop off and pick up.

BakedCam Sun 03-May-20 14:32:14

Apologies for firing the questions. I accept that a contract clause can demand that an employee can be deployed to other areas of the business where needed but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

You're not being deployed because of the needs of the business, you're being told to move sites and apply internally for a role because your partner works at the same site?

Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:32:15

The policy is vague and doesn’t say they can’t work in the same place but says that we can’t work alongside our customers together - which can be sorted easily.

Sorry, it’s hard to explain without outing our roles.

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Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:33:07

Our commute is 1.5 hours - this is why childcare is a mare

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BakedCam Sun 03-May-20 14:33:17


You don't have to say much more. But the policy appears to be shaky based on this.

Do you manage the same customers?

Grappala Sun 03-May-20 14:34:52

Do you mean people in a relationship cannot work together and one has to relocate? That’s not uncommon but quelle surprise they are asking the woman to go and change job roles....

Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:35:14

@BakedCam - we work with the same customers, yes.

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Soontobe60 Sun 03-May-20 14:35:40

Have a look on here OP, they might have some useful advice.

Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:36:23

@Grappala - it doesn’t even really say that, just that can’t work alongside our customers together!

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TheNumberfaker Sun 03-May-20 14:36:40

Might be helpful:

Titslikepicassos Sun 03-May-20 14:36:42

Thanks @Soontobe60

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