Advanced search not let DS bring home the bones of a dead dear so he can build with them in the garden!!!!

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Eve Mon 17-Sep-07 05:01:54

... he was beside himself with joy at finding them!

He has wanted to find a pair of antlers for such a long time, and found these bones with a skull with antlers attached! I allowed him to take the skull home , but drew the line at the rest of the bones!

Poor teacher is getting the skull at show and tell today!

seeker Mon 17-Sep-07 05:44:04

What a fab find!

(I initially read this as bones of a dead dad - glad to find it's not quite as gruesome as I thought!)

earlgrey Mon 17-Sep-07 05:51:30

Oh dear. Boom Boom!!

(Sorry, couldn't resist).

Eve Mon 17-Sep-07 05:59:08

and that should be deer ... not dear! my excuse is the time!

seeker Mon 17-Sep-07 06:16:49

I remember my boss came into work one day very shaken because she had written off her car by running into a deer on her way to work. We were sitting being sympathetic, but all my colleage and I could think about was "I must not say oh dear...I must not say oh dear....."

iheartdusty Mon 17-Sep-07 10:52:04

wow, where do you live Eve?

Eve Mon 17-Sep-07 17:10:24

near the New Forest!

Found the deer in the woods beside the field where the horses are kept, which is in the forest.

We have 2 young stags living in our field at the moment, I catch sight of them when I arrive early in the morning... they are beautiful!

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