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What is the most spectacular view you've ever seen in your whole life?

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OhioOhioOhio Thu 30-Apr-20 00:15:25

I honestly don't know. Possibly a beach in Bali.

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LEELULUMPKIN Thu 30-Apr-20 00:17:26

Seeing the space shuttle Atlantis launch for the final time in Florida.

Hadenoughfornow Thu 30-Apr-20 00:25:36

West Coast of Scotland - take your pick. Too many to chose from.

Grand canyon was pretty spectacular.

YesItsMeIDontCare Thu 30-Apr-20 00:27:48

Walking down a side street in Rome, turning a corner and seeing the Trevi Fountain in all its glory 🥰.

NailsNeedDoing Thu 30-Apr-20 00:29:18

A sunset from one of the tiny islands on the Bahamas.

chuffer15 Thu 30-Apr-20 00:32:17

This at 6am in my in laws garden, the picture doesn't do it justice though.

MrsClatterbuck Thu 30-Apr-20 00:35:41

So far it has been Niagara Falls. Totally amazing. I would love to see them in winter in the snow.

BogRollBOGOF Thu 30-Apr-20 00:35:50

The sun rising over Mt Everest.
Frigging cold though! grin

theluckiest Thu 30-Apr-20 00:36:04

The view of the Cuillin mountains from Elgol, Skye.
The mountains rear straight up from the sea loch and it just makes your soul sing.

Throughabushbackwards Thu 30-Apr-20 00:36:21

Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Vegas strip.

SerenDippitty Thu 30-Apr-20 00:36:57

Iguazu Falls. Just incredible.

Tellmeagain Thu 30-Apr-20 00:37:50

I found Niagara Falls mesmerising. Much more so than the Grand Canyon.

Thamesis Thu 30-Apr-20 00:38:50

Hebridean beaches, Scottish lochs, Yosemite National Park. All stunning. I feel very lucky to have seen these beautiful places, especially at the moment.

theluckiest Thu 30-Apr-20 00:38:53

Or Bamburgh beach at sunset with the completely empty beach with the castle silhouetted in the background.

Took my breath away.

Legoandloldolls Thu 30-Apr-20 00:40:27

Possibly the Whitsundays. It's like paradise but it's not my favourite place.

The Rockys in Canada was quite stunning too

RoryGilmoree Thu 30-Apr-20 00:42:10

Lake Louise or lake Moraine in Alberta, Canada we're both equally stunning

The view from our honeymoon suite in the Seychelles too.

Downunderduchess Thu 30-Apr-20 00:42:40

I was in New Zealand last November, this was the view from my hotel balcony.

MashedSpud Thu 30-Apr-20 00:42:55

Niagara Falls, the Canadian side.

myviews2 Thu 30-Apr-20 00:45:16

This is the beach a few min drive from my house...I never tire of it. To me it's home!

myviews2 Thu 30-Apr-20 00:46:50

And I have sailed around the Caribbean and travelled to other places but nothing gives me the same "feels" iyswim

Swooningmonkey Thu 30-Apr-20 00:47:55

Kelingking beach

TheThingWithFeathers Thu 30-Apr-20 00:50:42

The view of the Pacific Ocean from Hearst Castle in California.
By contrast, I remember standing looking at the Sydney Opera House from somewhere on the north shore and thinking "Is that it?!" but I was pretty jet lagged and grumpy. I appreciated it a lot more when I saw it up close!

LizzieLoafer Thu 30-Apr-20 00:51:30

Gros Morne National Park.

Also, first sight of New York.

HeadacheAgainToday Thu 30-Apr-20 00:52:24

Glen coe

Blondie1092 Thu 30-Apr-20 00:53:14

Coming into New York in the plane at night. A sight I'll never forget. Been a few times and it has never got old.

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