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I’m 2 days late took pregnancy test it was negative could i be pregnant?

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ameliak786 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:17:32

I’ve never conceived before but me and my partner are trying im usually bang on time but for some reason this month i’m late and i’ve had abdominal cramps and back pain but i don’t usually get pain until my periods here i’ve also been feeling really sick I don’t know if i’m just over thinking or if i should just go with what the test says

Washyourhandsyoufilthyanimal Wed 29-Apr-20 19:21:00

Unlikely if you’re two days late and the test was negative. Could be anything making your periods late. Cramps and back pain sounds like period, I’ve never had cramps and back pain in early pregnancy.

bridgetreilly Wed 29-Apr-20 19:21:00

Yes, you could be.

bridgetreilly Wed 29-Apr-20 19:21:30

I mean, you probably aren't, but you could be. If you still haven't had a period in another week, take another test.

Lostvoiced Wed 29-Apr-20 19:23:09

Did you do the test first thing in the morning?

You could still be pregnant or you could just be late. Do another test tomorrow morning if your period doesn't show up.

peperethecat Wed 29-Apr-20 19:24:47

If your period is late and your pregnancy test is negative it means you ovulated late. That means you either ovulated late and are not pregnant, in which case you will get your period later than usual, or you ovulated late and are pregnant, in which case you will eventually get a positive test.

Marahute Wed 29-Apr-20 19:26:05

Cramps and back pain sounds like period, I’ve never had cramps and back pain in early pregnancy.

I had cramps in early pregnancy, a lot of people do.

OP, no one can say for sure. Do you actually know when you ovulated, and how long your luteal phase usually is? That is the only way to know if you are actually late, rather than your body just throwing you a curve ball with a really long cycle. Sometimes ovulation is delayed for some reason, which will then delay your period.

Wait a couple of days and test again if still no period.

peperethecat Wed 29-Apr-20 19:27:03

Your symptoms don't mean anything either way. If you're pregnant enough for pregnancy symptoms you're pregnant enough to test positive. The symptoms you're experiencing will be from the progesterone.

SugarNyx Wed 29-Apr-20 19:30:16

If you haven’t had your period ofc you could be pregnant!

ameliak786 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:32:02

i didn’t take it first thing i took it mid day it’s just so strange something that i’m not used to you see as every time i get my period i have my pain on the day and i go to the bathroom and i’m bleeding this time they are very mild but have been happening for a few days now i don’t know if it’s just all in my head it’s just the feeling sick that’s completely throwing me off like the smell of smoke especially i have to make my partner wash after he smoked but could just be in my head

ameliak786 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:41:06

@Lostvoiced no i only did it about an hour ago

AldiAisleOfCrap Wed 29-Apr-20 19:42:17

What test did you use?

TestingTestingWonTooFree Wed 29-Apr-20 19:44:41

Good luck! If you’re TTC now would be a good time for him to stop smoking. I wouldn’t want a baby in the current climate, but none of my business

Gawdsake2020 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:46:03

Who knows? We’re not doctors.

ameliak786 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:46:38

@AldiAisleOfCrap Some strip ones from poundland that i had lying around the house

ABetterOblivion Wed 29-Apr-20 19:46:55

What a time to actively try to get pregnant hmm

AldiAisleOfCrap Wed 29-Apr-20 19:48:38

What a time to actively try to get pregnant
How rude!

AldiAisleOfCrap Wed 29-Apr-20 19:49:07

Op I would order a FRER from amazon.

ameliak786 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:50:03

@ABetterOblivion Not that it’s any of your concern please keep that kind of opinion to yourself as you have no idea my personal circumstances

ameliak786 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:50:39

@AldiAisleOfCrap Ok thank you i will do that

Lazypuppy Wed 29-Apr-20 19:52:13

You need to use the first wee of the day and a better test.

I used the clearblue one that says how many weeks so i didn't have to worry about lines

DontTouchTheMoustache Wed 29-Apr-20 19:52:55

Hard to say OP as it's still very early so chances are even if you took one first thing and were pregnant it would only be a very faint line. You will be best ordering a good test and waiting a few days, then test as soon as you wake up

Lalapurple Wed 29-Apr-20 19:55:50

If you don't get your period in the meantime do a test again- it's probably best to wait a couple of days but I would probably do it tomorrow.

ameliak786 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:56:18

I was thinking maybe waiting till the end of next week see if anything changes or if i’m still the same and then doing a test

enoughofthebullshit Wed 29-Apr-20 19:57:24

I've literally just been through this (had a thread in conception about it) my AF arrived yesterday... 4 days late. Don't know why, usually like clockwork. My body was just being a dickhead 🤷🏻‍♀️

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