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Expecting the law to protect us?

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Rainbow Sun 16-Sep-07 14:52:16

My exDH beat me and was charged with assault with intent. He had a new GF and I found out through a mutual friend that he beat her. I got in touch with her and have helped her report him to the police and went with her to have photos taken etc. He also locked her in his flat which was also reported. We have just been down to the police station only to be told that they have dropped the charges of false imprisonment due to a lack of evidence. When we asked about the assault, the officer had no idea what we were talking about, he was never charged with assault. I know he was I was there when GF was told that was what he was being charged with. I seem to have lost all faith in the police service. Why is he being allowed to get away with it?

EscapeFrom Sun 16-Sep-07 14:54:54


Ring women's aid. They are excellent with stuff like this, and will adviose you

I am horrified he hasn't been charged!

tribpot Sun 16-Sep-07 15:10:04

Could it be two different police officers handling the two separate charges (assault and imprisonment)? Does the GF have two crime numbers?

CaptainUnderpants Sun 16-Sep-07 15:21:23

Did you actually speak to the office who was delaing with the case ? If not best speak to him/her as if you spoke to the officer at the station counter you would not get the full details .

It is likey to be recorded as two crimes and therfore may not be crossed referenced.

Speak to the domestic violence unit in the morning. Dont lose faith just yet.

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