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DH and odd behaviour recently

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GettingFatterByTheDay Wed 22-Apr-20 13:26:41

Few examples. Randomly shouting and screaming then making out that he was as surprised as me by it.

Asked me yesterday to bring the biscuits in from kitchen ... “will you bring the BISCUITS in? The fucking biscuits!” Followed by a scream. He doesn’t normally swear in normal conversation or if he does it’s not a common occurrence

He’s just rang me and said the following:

“On your way home from work will you pick up some milk and maybe grab some FUCKING FLAPJACKS or something to NIBBLE ON like a BASTARD RABBIT”. I said “why are you shouting??” And he said he didn’t mean to. This is not normal for him! He doesn’t go out of his way to seek attention or be funny. All these example are from the past week. He’s been isolating

tiktokchild Wed 22-Apr-20 13:28:23

That does sound odd confused could it be the stress of isolation getting to him? Is he concerned about these outbursts? How old is he (if you don't mind me asking)

GettingFatterByTheDay Wed 22-Apr-20 13:29:48

He’s 49 this year. He’s refusing to discuss it and half the time outright denies that it’s happened.

Doggybiccys Wed 22-Apr-20 13:29:57

That's weird. I read a magazine article recently about a woman who developed Tourettes in her 40s - if this is really out of character then it could be something underlying like this or - without wanting to worry you - a metabolic disorder, brain disorder or the like.

Does he have any explanation/insight into this? If he is not gaslighting you then I think he needs to at least speak to a doctor.

AntiSocialDistancer Wed 22-Apr-20 13:30:01

This sounds like a strange personality change.

Is he more stressed than usual, in good health, sleeping and eating well etc?

Doggybiccys Wed 22-Apr-20 13:30:42

The denial could be gaslighting or it could be fear that he doesn't want to accept something is wrong here.

AntiSocialDistancer Wed 22-Apr-20 13:31:44

if he's denying hes even doing it i would make a phonecall appointment to my GP to discuss it.

Your GP could not discuss his health with you - but you could discuss it with them and ask for advice on next steps or other things to look out for.

GettingFatterByTheDay Wed 22-Apr-20 13:31:53

He is more stressed but everyone is at the minute. He can be half way through a sentence and then randomly shout one word of it:
Middle you take the DOG(!!!) for a walk this morning?”

Amammi Wed 22-Apr-20 13:32:38

Could be stress or perhaps a medical issue. Can you persuade him to Speak to your GP?

Ernieshere Wed 22-Apr-20 13:33:15

Why does he refuse to discuss it?

Washyourhandsyoufilthyanimal Wed 22-Apr-20 13:34:03

What’s his age? Early dementia maybe?

TorkTorkBam Wed 22-Apr-20 13:34:51

If it is truly out of character, get a notebook and mark down every time he does it. Medical history for when he accepts something is up.

GettingFatterByTheDay Wed 22-Apr-20 13:36:03

I think either he’s embarrassed by it or worried.

Watching the news last night he randomly shouted “why are his eyes WHITE! Does he not realise??” About trump. He wouldn’t normally say stuff like that. He’s becoming so irritated by everything

Elsiebear90 Wed 22-Apr-20 13:37:34

He needs to see a doctor urgently.

FilledSoda Wed 22-Apr-20 13:39:11

He absolutely needs a medical assessment.
I'd draw his attention to this each and every time it happens , no exceptions.
Do you believe he really doesn't know what he's doing ?
Assuming he isn't playing some weird gaslighting game I'd be very concerned indeed .

MorganKitten Wed 22-Apr-20 13:40:55

I think stress might be kicking in.
My nan was in her 40s when she started acting odd and then it turned into full blown dementia in her late 50s early 60s. But she would forget or deny saying things, be really paranoid and be annoyed if anyone mentioned it when she was in her 40s.

GinDrinker00 Wed 22-Apr-20 13:48:17

Either stress or something is going on medically. He needs to get seen.

Ohohohwhereyougoing Wed 22-Apr-20 13:50:31

This sounds like he needs to be seen for neurological testing ASAP. This isn't just odd behaviour it's extremely worrying. Call your GP and get help if he isn't lucid enough to realise it's happening and needs help.

DrinkSangriaInThePark Wed 22-Apr-20 13:50:49

He definitely needs to see a doctor urgently. I don't want to worry you but it can be one of the symptoms of having a brain tumor.

GreyGardens88 Wed 22-Apr-20 13:53:11

Sounds like dementia

HollowTalk Wed 22-Apr-20 13:54:25

I was going to tell you to record him and play it back, so he can see what he's doing, but actually I think it's more serious. When you say he's isolating, he's clearly not living alone, so it shouldn't be as stressful as it could be. Is he getting out every day? Does he have worries about money and work? Is someone close to him ill?

HollowTalk Wed 22-Apr-20 13:54:43

What's he been like in the past when it's been stressful?

Doggybiccys Wed 22-Apr-20 13:56:34

OP again not to worry you - although I'm sure it is - loss of inhibition like this and saying "what's on your mind" without processing the appropriateness of it is a common symptom of frontotemporal dementia;

Rollinginthemud Wed 22-Apr-20 13:56:50

Definitely get a GP appointment.

EoinMcLovesCakeJumper Wed 22-Apr-20 13:57:21

I was just going to mention the possibility of a brain tumour. Sudden personality changes, especially outbursts of aggressive language, are one of the common symptoms. It's often confused with dementia although that is also possible. I think this is one of those "don't die of embarrassment" situations where your husband really needs to acknowledge that something is off, and seek help.

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