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I'll answer for you YABU but...

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DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 14-Sep-07 19:43:07

to be p*ssed off that as of 9.30pm our t.v. is going to be hogged by dh watching rugby. Farkin sport. I hate it <sulk>

wildwoman Fri 14-Sep-07 19:44:22

My DP is pissing off to the rugby club to watch it, and even worse my bastard telly is broken!

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 14-Sep-07 19:45:42


I don't get the obsession with sport (don't anyone try to explain it to me). It's a waste of good airtime.

cluelessnchaos Fri 14-Sep-07 19:46:28


hertsnessex Fri 14-Sep-07 19:46:28

prefer rugby to football, the legs are better!

but luckily dh will be doing some moreeee DIY tongiht!


Alambil Fri 14-Sep-07 19:46:36

YANBU - can't he find a local pub that has it showing?!

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 14-Sep-07 19:47:59

<feeling the love and unreasonableness>


weebleswobble Fri 14-Sep-07 19:48:50

YANBU - gitface Dp's watching it upstairs now then coming down to watch after Eastenders, but then I have the coffee liquor to get me through wink

REIDmylips Fri 14-Sep-07 19:49:02

rugby union i dont get but rugby league... i mean come on, how can anyone NOT like rugby league!

wildwoman Fri 14-Sep-07 19:49:38

hang on a sec! Rugby league??? oh no no no.

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 14-Sep-07 19:51:50

REIDmylips - you are not welcome on this thread... (for the greatest reason that you actually know the difference between league and union) - get thee to the pub.

REIDmylips Fri 14-Sep-07 19:54:33

just off to poor myself a pint, put my feet up and (hopefully) watch the Warriors beat the Stains!


<<<takes herself off before the pieces of rotten fruit are thrown at her>>>>>

Pennies Fri 14-Sep-07 19:54:52

oooh, what's the game. have had a shite day, and have opened a bottle of fizz to compensate and now fancy watching something like a good ruck.

OrmIrian Fri 14-Sep-07 19:55:54

Ignore the TV then. I'm opening a bottle of red and sitting down with a book. Perfect evening smile

REIDmylips Fri 14-Sep-07 22:13:16

wooooo hooooo, wigan, wigan wigan!!!!!

<<sulks off to the corner awaiting the boooo's>>>>

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