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Possibly IABU, but I still feel that I have grounds for discontent....Listen.

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tiredemma Fri 14-Sep-07 12:55:55

Right- ds2 had a black nintendo ds lite ( which I had always said- he was far too young for - he is 4)
anyway- we went away for the weekend and on the drive home, he dropped it under the front passenger seat in the car.
I said that I would pick it up once we had stopped as I could not reach it.

Well by the time we get home- I have forgotten that the Nintendo DS is under the seat, obviously ds2 forgets it is under the seat and therefore fails to mention it again.

Right- complicated bit- DP works for a national car hire company- he is the manager of the birmingham branch, we have a 'company car' of sorts- basically he gets a new car every couple of days.

last night DP was tidying up the boys room and noticed that the Nintendo was not in its case- I then immediatly remembered it dropping under my seat, and so explained to dp.

So I say- "well surely it must be at your work then- the car went back in the next day and it would have been cleaned before it went out on rent again"

today it transpires that the Nintendo is not at work, whoever cleaned the car did not find it- DPs argument being that as the Nintendo was black it could have been missed while they were cleaning the car.

Im feeling a bit peeved- yes I should have remembered to pick it up from under the seat- but ultimatly I feel that quite possibly, someone who works for DP has had it, of course I cannot prove this but my feeling is there is no way it would have been missed.

am I unreasonable - part of me thinks yes, I am as I should not be accusing Dp's staff of swiping it, and ultimatly I should have got it from under the seat.

I feel pissed off that it has gone.

sorry- its long and really not a big thing in the grand scheme of things but it is bugging me.

HappyDaddy Fri 14-Sep-07 12:57:41

They've probably nicked it but you are being unreasonable. You forgot about it, it's gone, that's life.

LoveMyGirls Fri 14-Sep-07 12:59:26

Any chance of your dp getting that car again and having a good look himself or has it def gone?

tiredemma Fri 14-Sep-07 13:00:56

we had the car again yesterday and I went out to really check it. No joy.

fluffyanimal Fri 14-Sep-07 13:03:04

I don' think you are being unreasonable but I don't know what you can do about it unfortunately, other than chalk it up to experience.

bigwombat Fri 14-Sep-07 13:03:08

In an ideal world, someone should have spotted it and given it back. But this is often not the way it works. You are probably feeling both annoyed with yourself and with the possibly unscrupulous car cleaner. You never know - it may turn up (unlikely). That's life as happydaddy says.

bigwombat Fri 14-Sep-07 13:04:21

Sorry - sounds a bit harsh. I think YANBU - just naturally peeved.

lionheart Fri 14-Sep-07 13:08:08

But surely they know who was responsible for the cleaning or who had it next so they could figure it out?

tiredemma Fri 14-Sep-07 13:10:04

Yes- but dp says that if they missed it when they were cleaning hmm - and then the car went out on rent, possibly the next customer to use the car would have it, and he can hardly ring them to ask/accuse!

never mind- teach me and ds2 to be more responsible!

tiredemma Fri 14-Sep-07 13:10:28

sorry- what he meant was- he cannot prove anything.

Mum07 Fri 14-Sep-07 13:15:47

If someone's job is cleaning out cars then finding a DS Lite is like Christmas isn't it? I know I'd wrestle with my conscience before handing it in (if at all) if it was me. NOt nice I know but just being honest, when i was an impoverished student I was much less honest than i am now.

Also, you didn't actually want DS to have one in the first place, so maybe it's like karma man....? wink

lionheart Fri 14-Sep-07 13:16:33

I can understand why you're peeved. How has your DS taken the news?

lionheart Fri 14-Sep-07 13:18:16

But you'd also know that it probably belongs to a child which would make you dishonest and somewhat heartless at the same time.

tiredemma Fri 14-Sep-07 13:19:00

Ds is ok- he never really had a clue what he was doing on it anyway, I was really pissed off last night and he said " If I tell you that I love you too much- will it make you happy??" - I had to smile.

he hasnt even mentioned it today.

as you say- it would be like xmas to someone on minimum wage.

ah well- life goes on!

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