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Post partum hair loss 2nd time

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Jadefeather7 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:39:43

Is post partum hair loss an inevitability and is it worse with subsequent pregnancies?

With my first baby it came as quite a shock how much hair I started to loose after 3-4 months. I fell pregnant again soon after so right now my hair is amazing. I’m really worried about the crazy shedding again. I know people say it eventually comes back but it’s just horrible brushing your hair and pulling out so much and then still picking so much off your clothes etc.

I wish someone would find a way to bottle up those hormones that make hair so great during pregnancy!

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RandomMess Thu 16-Apr-20 21:42:30

When your pregnant you don't shed hair so afterwards you only losing what you would have usually. Obviously there are some exceptions to this.

Tothemoonandbackx Thu 16-Apr-20 21:55:36

No one told me about this, and when I eventually got home and had my first proper shower, loads came out, I didn't think too much of it at the time as I was exhausted, but every shower after for a couple of months at least one handful would cone out, so much so that my OH actually bought me some special shampoo. I only used it a couple of times and by that point, it had stopped coming out so much anyway so I never finished the bottle. Now it's back to normal and actually probably thicker than it was pre pregnancy. I'm not really offering much advice, just that you're not alone and eventually, it will get better if it happens again Xx

StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff Thu 16-Apr-20 22:27:58

Sorry to say, mine was much worse second time round

Micromamma Thu 16-Apr-20 22:50:40

I had it worse second time around, it just fell out for months and months and now I'm stuck with the tufty bits of regrowth all around the edges, I look like a mad scientist! Can't blow dry my hair or I look like a hedgehog. Sadly this is apparently normal!

ChloeCC Thu 16-Apr-20 23:04:10

My second baby is 5 months old. I had worse shedding with the first, or perhaps the surprise made it seem worse. I have very thick hair anyway so it doesn't bother me, except the mess. It started about six weeks ago and is lessening now. For the first baby it was bad enough to get the regrowth Micromamma mentioned. This time, I haven't got that so far.

Oh, just remembered my hair was much longer for first baby - maybe that's why it seemed worse.

RandomMess Thu 16-Apr-20 23:31:06

In remember having to de-clog the plug hole half way through washing my hair!

GrumpyHoonMain Thu 16-Apr-20 23:34:53

I had iron treatment and so my hair loss hasn’t been as extreme as it might have been had I iron loss to also contend with. No bald patches but there is a lot of hair in the plug hole every time I wash. My hair has a tendancy to knot / dread now as it seems to be curlier.

Sh05 Fri 17-Apr-20 00:02:39

Yup every single time my hair has fallen out. Its terrible but then quite funny when the bare spots start growing again and I have Tufts of hair sticking out!
I know they say you are only losing what you didn't during pregnancy but my hair never fell out outside of pregnancy either so that didn't make sense for me.
I am 7 months postpartum and have said tufts now but I have lost atleast half if not three quarters of my normal volume of hair.

wishfull888 Sat 06-Jun-20 21:22:37

Googling this & came across this thread. Second time a LOT worse for me .
I'm bald at the sides when I wear my hair up, hair at the ends is snapping (not helped by Covid & inability to get a cut) my scalp is itchy & sensitive most days. It started around 4 months, month 7 & I'm still pulling out handfuls. :-( i hope I'm through the worst!

PreggoFeminist86 Sat 06-Jun-20 22:50:11

My hair loss was much, much worse after my 2nd hmm

After DS (my 1st) it 'thinned', but after DD I developed a proper receding hairline, widows-peak situation! When I put my hair up I looked half-bald at the sides & crown, and I blocked the shower's plughole with hair every day until about 6/7 months postpartum. Grim 🤢

DD is 10 months old now though, and the hair has grown back LOADS in the last 3 months or so. No bald patches at all anymore, thank fuck. I have been left with those weird, tufty Devil Horns around my temples/hairline as it grows back, but tbh I kind of love them grin

PreggoFeminist86 Sat 06-Jun-20 22:51:57

@wishfull888 mine seemed to suddenly stop shedding around the end of month 7 x

MamaPip Sat 06-Jun-20 22:57:15

Nearly 5 months pp on my second . It is brutal the anxiety of having a shower with it coming out in clumps and then brushing . I started trying to leave extra days between washing my hair but then it would be worse the next time . Currently patchy around my temples so have bought bandana’s to hide it somewhat . They also help stop my LG from pulling on the hair I do have left ! Can’t wait for it to stop falling at this stage 🤞

heidipi Sat 06-Jun-20 23:30:52

I don't remember it being worse second time around but I definitely noticed the regrowth more - I was a bridesmaid 9 months after DC2 was born, sporting a ridiculous thick 3cm fluffy fringe 😁

DappledThings Sat 06-Jun-20 23:46:57

Mine wasnt so bad the second time. Which was a shame for as I get annoyed by how thick my hair is. Losing lots in one time was very satisfying for me.

fia101 Sun 07-Jun-20 00:06:36

Shedding seemed the worst with number 1.

Thought about a wig, bought every expensive supplement going but it regrew when it regrew.

Baby no 2 came along 17 months later so hair still not on great shape but shedding wasnt as bad. I took lots of liquid iron. Don't know if made a difference.

Baby number 3 - about the same. 2 years later my hair is starting to look great again really thick. I lost a lot still and you can see the layer of new hair growing in - about he length now.

I got by by not washing and brushing so much!

BetteDavisWeLuvU Sun 07-Jun-20 00:15:31

It's horrible and I know it will be hurting your confidence but in my experience it does grow back. Mine started in earnest around 13/14 months both times.

BetteDavisWeLuvU Sun 07-Jun-20 00:17:41

*That is growing back in earnest. My didn’t so much she’d as in fell out over course of about 3 weeks at 10 month post partum.

RingaRosie Sun 07-Jun-20 00:22:28

My hair has grown really long & is amazing during pregnancy. I know it won’t last, as I usually lose hair, and have had periods of hair-loss before (hormone related). The problem is, I really intended to get it cut before Baby (due in a few weeks). But with Lockdown... My sister is offering to cut it, but I’m not so sure!

Keeva2017 Sun 07-Jun-20 04:29:49

I’m only 6 months pp with second however so far it’s much better than with my first. First was brutal! Bald spots clearly visible the size of pennies, one right in the middle of hairline in my forehead!

So with second (touch wood) Iv had nothing like that.

Sh05 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:15:19

I'm now nearly 9 months pp and I have a tiny fluffy fringe. There's no way to hide it either

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