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To think that as I have bought a Take along Bill.....................................

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Annieandclarabel Thu 13-Sep-07 11:08:14

I should also be able to buy a Take along Ben without buying a pack with both of them in it and being robbed of my money by the Thomas the Tank Engine empire! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

IntergalacticWalrus Thu 13-Sep-07 11:10:46

That really fucks me off too

I also object to having to buy annie and clarabel seperately etc etc

DS1 is a TTTE geek. I lkike to spend my hard earned cash on the take longs because you can't put a price on all the hours of peace I get when he's busy playing with them

Annieandclarabel Thu 13-Sep-07 11:14:10

Oh I agree completely. My 2.11 yr old DS can name every single engine, even the ones I hve never seen before (who the hell is take aong mike!) I cannot remember the thought of life without take along!

ps have recently spent £11 on Stepney, oh the shame....!

IntergalacticWalrus Thu 13-Sep-07 11:17:09

OMG, you have a Stepney!!¬!! Steppers is the love of DS1's life, but he just happens to be the most obscure of ther lot. EWhere did you get it from?

I know what you mena about the weird ones. I got DS a fearless Freddie (WTF?) It's alla money making mission imho

Annieandclarabel Thu 13-Sep-07 11:24:03

Apparently Stepney has only just been born as a Take along...<big grin> bought him on ebay from Saturnmobiles uk?? . He has always been DS fave as well. S'thing to do with the 'bye bye' Stepney episode where he almost gets it from the diesels. DS prefers to call them 'Barry' and Burt, thk he ths they sound more threatening and Phil Mitchellesque that way!

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