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Boris MIA again?

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Sarahlou63 Thu 02-Apr-20 19:27:42

Anyone think it's rather strange that Boris is still out of action and that, yet again, he's nowhere to be seen - a repeat of the election and the floods....

feesh Thu 02-Apr-20 19:28:30

He’s probably very ill.....

M00NPIE Thu 02-Apr-20 19:29:10

Erm, isn’t he poorly?

Oakmaiden Thu 02-Apr-20 19:29:53

He is actually ill this time. So not a repeat.

Crunchymum Thu 02-Apr-20 19:29:55

I too think he is probably rather poorly at the moment.

Herpesfreesince03 Thu 02-Apr-20 19:30:02

He’s got Coronavirus??

LagunaBubbles Thu 02-Apr-20 19:31:13

They said he was working, he can't be that ill.

PreciselyBecause Thu 02-Apr-20 19:31:21


itsgettingweird Thu 02-Apr-20 19:32:59

He has CV19. He recorded a video message yesterday and looked like shit.

He was knackered and working stupid long hours before becoming ill and has work from home while ill.

I don't like the bloke particularly. But to be fair to him he's not hiding he's suffering an illness that killed nearly 3000 of his population so far and will take a while to recover.

middleager Thu 02-Apr-20 19:33:05

I'd be more worried if he were in a public place. He needs to SI for 14 days so 7? to go...

Ipadipod Thu 02-Apr-20 19:33:38

When I last saw him on the tv he looked pretty rough .

TotesGodsWill Thu 02-Apr-20 19:34:28

I can’t stand the man but YABU

He has covid19, he’s probably feeling rough. Even if he’s working he’s unlikely to be working at 100%.

VideographybyLouBloom Thu 02-Apr-20 19:34:39

He looked really poorly yesterday. We’re probably not being told the half of it. Try again OP hmm

ArchieStar Thu 02-Apr-20 19:35:29

He has covid19 you tosspot. Don’t bring the election into this unneccesarily.

titchy Thu 02-Apr-20 19:35:45

It's been fairly well publicised that he's got CV and needs to be self isolating hmm

sparepantsandtoothbrush Thu 02-Apr-20 19:37:43

Well aren't you ridiculous. He's got covid19 but is still trying to work. I think it's fair that we aren't seeing much of him (and I'm not a fan of his).

MayTheGodsBeEverInYourFavour Thu 02-Apr-20 19:38:29

He did a video yesterday, & looked like he needed to be in bed with a hot water bottle TBH. I don't like him but impressed he got dressed into a shirt - a shirt! - to do it. A jumper would have done. Bet he had his PJ trousers on...
On a scale of Coronavirus, "not that ill" could still mean someone feels pretty rotten though. Do we need photos of him unconscious in a hospital bed before we believe he's ill enough not to be broadcasting to the nation?

VisitingtheInfidel Thu 02-Apr-20 19:38:54

He’s probably a damn sight sicker than they are admitting to as well.

ChainsawBear Thu 02-Apr-20 19:39:24

He needs to SI for 14 days so 7? to go...

If you live alone, or are the first in your household to become symptomatic, you only need to SI for 7 days (unless you continue to have a temperature). Others in your household are the ones who need to SI for 14 days to cover the possibility that they have not yet caught it.

KTheGrey Thu 02-Apr-20 19:44:01

Doesn't WHO advise 14 days, only Boris said we have special virus so only 7 days for UK?

HaudYerWheeshtYaWeeBellend Thu 02-Apr-20 19:46:50

7 days if you live alone, 14 days if you live as a family...

I’m really not sure what the general election has to do with him apparently MIA...

Less than a week ago he was diagnosed with Covid-19!!!

Pumpkinpie1 Thu 02-Apr-20 19:47:52

I didn’t think he looked any different in his video snippet. Does he actually contribute much when he does go to work ? Not really

Ipadipod Thu 02-Apr-20 19:47:54

Self isolating has nothing to do with how ill you feel. You could have to self isolate but feel not too bad or you could be bed ridden.

SummerHouse Thu 02-Apr-20 19:49:33

Yes we have a special efficient version that's in and out in seven days. It's connected with the government not wanting to do a u turn on the initial seven day advice.

bitchonthepitch Thu 02-Apr-20 19:51:05

I can't stand the man from what I know of him but if he's ill he's ill.

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