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To be flabbergasted by this Government’s incompetence.

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Cam77 Thu 02-Apr-20 10:58:41

*2000 of 500,000 NHS staff tested.
*Germany performing nearly TEN TIMES the number of tests as the UK. despite the WHO saying for weeks and weeks that they key is to “test test test”
*Continuing shortages of basic PPE for health workers (who are being threatened if they speak out)
*Thousands of people still cramming on to public transport, with not one metre let alone 2 metre distance.
*The Government failing to sign up to the EU ventilator scheme.
*Being one of the last Western countries to close schools and implement any kind of lockdown.

I know it’s tough for everyone but this is a level of criminal negligence from the British government. Absolutely shocking.

koshkatt Thu 02-Apr-20 11:00:38

At least we can be grateful that Corbyn is not in charge. It's some comfort to me in this awful time.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 02-Apr-20 11:01:34


You have been pursuing this theme continuously for weeks, lauding China, and bashing the U.K.
What are you hoping to achieve?
Is this your way of dealing with the stress?

CallmeAngelina Thu 02-Apr-20 11:01:59

Ditto. That's the only silver lining in the cloud that I can see; that Corbyn is nowhere nearby.

Cam77 Thu 02-Apr-20 11:03:26

* Still no mandatory testing or quarantine for arrivals from Spain, Italy etc. Nothing, zero. Laughable.

x2boys Thu 02-Apr-20 11:04:41

Not sure Corbyn would have done any better .

Cam77 Thu 02-Apr-20 11:05:55

A Labour government may have prioritized saving lives as opposed to,,, sorry I’ve absolutely no idea what the actual fuck the Conservative government has been doing. It certainly hasn’t been following the science.

WhyNotMe40 Thu 02-Apr-20 11:05:56

Agreed. Absolute incompetence compounded with lies on top. Lies they can't get the test reagents - chemical industry has said not true. Lies there are no machines - universities have said this is not true. Lies that they have distributed PPE and can't get more...

RozHuntleysStump Thu 02-Apr-20 11:06:19

Personally, I think they have done very well. Yes, testing is an issue, and an important one but I think they have done OK. Boris is still working from his bloody sick bed! I also think they could have been clearer in their 'guidelines' but whatever. Thank God it's not Labour and that tit Corbyn!

Cam77 Thu 02-Apr-20 11:07:01

No idea why people are mentioning Corbyn, China, Frosty the Snowman etc. Let’s keep this topic on the shocking incompetence of this elected government.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 02-Apr-20 11:07:47

We locked down later because we were tracking behind other countries. IIRC we locked down at a similar point to France.

Cam77 Thu 02-Apr-20 11:08:22

“Personally, I think they have done very well. Yes, testing is an issue, and an important one but I think they have done OK”

Perhaps you missed this bit?:
*2000 of 500,000 NHS staff tested.
*Germany performing nearly TEN TIMES the number of tests as the UK. despite the WHO saying for weeks and weeks that they key is to “test test test”

MaxNormal Thu 02-Apr-20 11:08:28

Why do people keep mentioning Corbyn? It's irrelevant, you lot are obsessed.

NoMorePoliticsPlease Thu 02-Apr-20 11:09:37

Please give it a rest you are making a hole in my head

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 02-Apr-20 11:09:37

People don’t agree that this Government is doing any better or worse than any other Government we might have had.

You are like a broken record on this topic. What is your agenda?

koshkatt Thu 02-Apr-20 11:10:41

Sorry OP but if i am going to respond to a thread I will write what I want - you cannot dictate that.

You seem intent on running the current govt down and that is your right. I was just pointing out that things could be a whole lot worse.

Blossomad Thu 02-Apr-20 11:11:02

Agree. This govt seems intent in “stage managing” the crisis. Ie presenting an image of events that has zero to do with the facts of what is happening.

Blossomad Thu 02-Apr-20 11:11:27

Exactly how could it be worse?

midgebabe Thu 02-Apr-20 11:11:43

I'd rather they tackled the immediate problem of saving lives now with beds, PPE and ventilators , and keeping people fed , and just get people to isolate who may have it , than concentrate on testing and miss the other stuff

x2boys Thu 02-Apr-20 11:11:50

All the Labour government that was last in charge started the cuts to go he NHS but anyway this is not a time to try and score political points regardless of which way you vote

NoMorePoliticsPlease Thu 02-Apr-20 11:14:21

I find it amazing that Joe Public is such an expert about how we should have done things, of course we all know that scientists and epidemiologists know absolutely nothing. Looking at other countries doing other things has hardly improved things. There is a global shortage of tests, clever people are working like mad on this, on ventilators and god know what else. When these people and the government are working all the hours, you can be the expert and tell all us mortals how it should be done. Get behind the effort and stop slagging it off

StarbucksSmarterSister Thu 02-Apr-20 11:14:22

At least we can be grateful that Corbyn is not in charge.

Corbyn is irrelevant. As you say he is not in charge. Although I'm not convinced he'd be worse.

How about we focus on those who are in charge, and who seem utterly inept? It doesn't matter who isn't in charge. I can't believe people are still trying to make excuses for the Government.

Cam I agree that some of this appears to be bordering on criminal negligence. When this is all over I hope there's an independent inquiry. Not that it will do any good when people have the "at least it's not Corbyn" mindset.

Blossomad Thu 02-Apr-20 11:14:39

One of the things they have lied about is saying that they need families permission to report deaths from Covid. Deaths are recorded by doctors and coroners. Permission is only required to name people not record their deaths. Changing policy in how deaths are reported to artificially lower figures in a pandemic is pretty despicable imo

Serin Thu 02-Apr-20 11:14:57

It's the PPE thing.
Disgusting to ask staff to forfeit their lives due to inadequate PPE.
I've watched my managers squirm and twist on the issue of when to wear full PPE (which in community settings is still a paper mask, a flimsy plastic apron and thin plastic household gloves that manager picked up on the high street, because she hadnt ordered any).

NoMorePoliticsPlease Thu 02-Apr-20 11:15:32

why dont you all offer your expert opinion to the government? Who informs your expert brains?

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