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Am so cross with nursery. Aibu

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Puzzle500 Tue 31-Mar-20 06:54:31

Husband doctor, me nhs clinical. Nursery shut at 3 hours notice because "it's not financially viable". I have been supportive of them through the 3 years our little one has attended but I am very very cross and disappointed. They keep putting out messages saying they support the NHS and the closure is in the interest of national safety and all our families. No actually, it's not in the interest of our family, or the patients we need to look after - we have no choice. We have no choice. Am so cross I don't ever want to step foot in the place.

Tibola Tue 31-Mar-20 06:56:46

God I would be furious. That is seriously not good enough. How many key worker kids were going?

MayTheGodsBeEverInYourFavour Tue 31-Mar-20 06:57:34

Can you contact your trust & ask them for assistance is finding a place for your child?

amy85 Tue 31-Mar-20 06:57:53

Not all nurseries and schools will remain open during this time....that has been made clear since it was announced that schools and nurseries would your LA and they will be able to tell you what local provision there is for your LO

CoronaVera Tue 31-Mar-20 06:59:09

I'm in Wales but where I live there are emergency hubs for children of key workers to be looked after.

So check that out for your local authority/ Trust area.

And no YANBU to be angry but they ANBU either. It's a challenging time for all.

Witchend Tue 31-Mar-20 07:00:39

If its not financially viable, what's the alternative?
Staff work for free?

I don't expect they're particularly happy about it either.

DesLynamsMoustache Tue 31-Mar-20 07:04:16

Three hours' notice is just stupid though.

ListenLinda Tue 31-Mar-20 07:08:19

Ours did the same last week. And still want full fees, our local council have found us a temporary one though. And with their old nursery closing at christmas that’s 3 different nurseries in 3 months and they may be at this temp one longer than they are at their current one. I just feel sick with it all.

Mummyoflittledragon Tue 31-Mar-20 07:08:24

It should have been pretty obvious that it wasn’t financially viable and should have given you more notice. I am not surprised you’re fuming.

LisaSimpsonsbff Tue 31-Mar-20 07:10:47

I think needing to close is reasonable, but the notice is not - it suggests they ploughed on not telling you long after the writing was on the wall and they should have realised they couldn't stay open. I guess at the time they may have felt they were trying to keep going until they absolutely couldn't, but with hindsight that's made it harder for you than it had to be.

newmumwithquestions Tue 31-Mar-20 07:17:37

I’m not surprised you’re cross. I took a friends key worker child last week when the nursery she uses did something similar, again last minute. Both parents are frontline nhs - as a society we need to keep them working! The problem wasn’t that they decided they couldn’t stay open (I get that), it’s that they decided last minute to close after saying they were open.

Re the PP post saying it was clear that this would happen, nothing in our area has been clear regarding the key worker childcare and no one knows what’s happening. There has been no central comms at all.

My friends have now found a childminder who will help them.
OP can you find a local childminder? I think a lot of them are being more flexible and understanding and frankly have been left with nothing so are willing to work with one or two children to get some money coming in.

Also OP please don’t be afraid to ask friends for short term help. Lots of us will happily renegotiate our own work to make sure you can get to yours. Thankyou for everything you are doing.

Sillyscrabblegames Tue 31-Mar-20 07:20:27

The problem is that if all their staff also have children at home and they don't want to be sending their own children into school to look after yours, the nursery just can't stay open. Or they could be ill and self isolating and suddenly unable to get the right staff ratios in. Many nurseries are in a difficult situation with their entire workforce off on full pay. They can't force staff to come in to look after your children if that is not in their own best interest.

copperoliver Tue 31-Mar-20 07:22:34

Where do you live my friend is a childminder and is still open, for key workers children. X

BikeRunSki Tue 31-Mar-20 07:24:38

For businesses to claim furlough funding though, the staff have to not be working. Fir many smaller businesses, furlough is the only way they’ll survive.

AutumnLeavesSeptember Tue 31-Mar-20 07:32:00

In my area you contact the LA and they have places set up with childminders for key worker kids. Not ideal though given it's a lot of change for the little ones.

cornishdreams1 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:32:16

Absolutely disgraceful!

You have every right to be furious. There must be alternatives, but it will be unsettling for your little one and tbh you could probably do without this given your line of work! I am sorry op, where are you based?

Theholidayarmadillo4 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:38:43

Ours closed yesterday too. They gave a list of other childcare providers in the area that are still taking children. I know it's far from ideal to send your child to a new nursery but is there anywhere nearby?

Crunchymum Tue 31-Mar-20 07:42:27

I feel for the OP, but to the PP who suggested asking friends and family.... this is not a good idea.

Hubs and certain childminders will be available but they are working on a rota system - they work for a week, self isolate for 2/3 weeks to ensure they haven't caught anything and then back on for a week.

People having random children (who are exposed to key workers) on an ad hoc basis are just going to spead the virus.

Oreoed Tue 31-Mar-20 07:44:10

Sorry OP, that does sound stressful sad they must have had an incline prior to 3 hours notice. I think the announcement that 80% of wages will be paid if they furlough staff is too tempting for some to bother to stay open. Have you tried local childminders? Here most are taking just one child, or two if siblings, and seem really clued up on keeping them as safe as possible; although obviously would be going into their home which carries certain risks I guess.

BenScalesIsAGod Tue 31-Mar-20 07:51:49

Ours did the same last week. Then took 48 hours to provide any sort of advice. It’s rubbish.

FuckIngMaxandhisImportance Tue 31-Mar-20 07:52:13

YANBU to be cross, but I believe the UK are the only country in the world that has left any form of childcare running during lockdown and whilst this is well intentioned I think the logic both in terms of flattening the curve and the economy is a bit flawed; possibly a little oversimplified, but is it really wise to have NHS workers’ children (who probably have the biggest risk of exposure) playing with supermarket shop workers’ children who are the the swathe of society we really need to keep healthy? Add into that mix the most vulnerable children in society who need to be in school for their own safety and probably have carers in the throes of addiction ignorant of the dangers and arguably this well meaning policy has the very really likelihood of exacerbating the curve rather than flattening it...Not to mention that when the staff fall sick they can’t meet the ratios required to safely open. I have been largely in favour of the measures taken to date, but this one doesn’t feel right to me as it increases exposure. Not sure how this has been resolved in other countries though and obviously not of any use to you in keeping working. Hope you get it resolved OP.

ListenLinda Tue 31-Mar-20 08:00:45

It might not be wise, but what choice do we have? It’s a horrible situation for all involved to be in.

Greenpop21 Tue 31-Mar-20 08:03:32

My school is open with 3 children. Lots of staff off. 2 of those children are only there as their mother is s nursery teacher. It doesn’t make sense. I agree the notice is short but we may have to close at short notice if any more teachers have to self isolate. I expect the 3 children will go to a nearby school.

Greenpop21 Tue 31-Mar-20 08:05:26

Other countries are providing childcare for critical workers but I know the list is much more defined.

user1493413286 Tue 31-Mar-20 08:05:26

Have they helped you find other childcare? My nursery weren’t able to remain open as staff were either in the vulnerable category or had family members they lived with who were but they did help parents find nursery places nearby.

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