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To ask if you earn £50K+ what do you do?

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Poppi89 Mon 30-Mar-20 18:51:14

I have seen a lot of posts on here where people say how much they earn and I am shocked how many people earn over £50K, so I was just wondering what it is that you do?

Also, do you think it is more important to have a high income or a job that you enjoy?

HotChoc10 Mon 30-Mar-20 19:04:48

I'm a PR manager. I don't mind what I do, it's not bad, but I'm always glad to finish up at the end of the day. I think I am inevitably going to be in a job where I'm basically sat at a computer for 8 hours a day. In my first job I did that for £18k, now I do it for £50k. I would rather do it for £50k.

Galwaygirl Mon 30-Mar-20 19:06:51

I'm a hospital sales rep for a pharmaceutical company, car, pension and healthcare

I0NA Mon 30-Mar-20 19:07:01

I’m a company director. Many people have a job they enjoy AND a high income.

IVFNewbie Mon 30-Mar-20 19:07:58

I'm in IT sales and earn 100-200k a year depending on the year. Next year may be a lot reduced though due to the current situation. I quite like it. The people I work with are cool and we have a laugh.

emsyj37 Mon 30-Mar-20 19:08:05

Me - civil servant, I really enjoy my job. I was a solicitor before this and earned a lot more than I do now but was miserable. Overall I think I have a good balance now with work/life.
DH - software engineer - overall he enjoys the challenge of writing code but hes quite an outdoorsy person by nature and sometimes gets fed up of staring at a computer screen.

salemcat Mon 30-Mar-20 19:09:36

DH works for a train company.

NorthEndGal Mon 30-Mar-20 19:09:45

Dh is a high earner, he is a naval officer, and very much enjoys his job

Shitsgettingcrazy Mon 30-Mar-20 19:09:55

Senior Service delivery and MI manager.

Shitsgettingcrazy Mon 30-Mar-20 19:10:54

Oh and I kind of enjoy my job
My company is a bit shit.

SabineSchmetterling Mon 30-Mar-20 19:11:42

I’m an Assistant Headteacher in a secondary school.

DontTouchTheMoustache Mon 30-Mar-20 19:11:53

Portfolio Management Office Planner. I do enjoy my job but it's hard work.

Thoughtlessinengland Mon 30-Mar-20 19:13:40

University academic.

fluffdeloop Mon 30-Mar-20 19:14:11

Director of Housing Development. Really enjoy my job!

MotherWol Mon 30-Mar-20 19:14:16

Senior Communications Manager in a large organisation. It’s okay, it fits my skills and my life; I’ve also been able to do training that’s boosted my salary over the years. My role isn’t a high pressure one, and I’m generally able to leave my work at the door. I don’t love it, but like HotChoc says, if I’m going to be sat at a desk for a living I’d prefer to be earning a good salary while I do so.

Luc1nda Mon 30-Mar-20 19:14:27

I teach at a university. I believe that the most important thing is to be able to meet your outgoings. After that, enjoying your job has more impact on your happiness than earning more money.

topcat2014 Mon 30-Mar-20 19:14:47

Finance director. Accountancy gives a good living. Bit stressy right now. All the exams after uni were a drag

Poonmig Mon 30-Mar-20 19:15:46

Hr director. Love it.

Tootletum Mon 30-Mar-20 19:16:10

Been working in IT for 20 years. Contractor now so not really comparable as I don't work all year/full rate £750. So of I get a long contract it's about 150k.

Babdoc Mon 30-Mar-20 19:16:30

I earned more than that as a hospital doctor, but am retired now. And I thoroughly enjoyed my job - it was challenging, but emotionally and intellectually rewarding in equal measure. I didn’t choose it for the salary- and indeed as a junior doc in the 1980’s the hospital cleaner earned more per hour than me at night! We worked 100 hours a week, but only got full pay for 40 of them. The rest (all the nights and weekends) were paid at one third of the basic rate.

tallah Mon 30-Mar-20 19:16:42

Sports event manager

ChooChoosBiscuitTin Mon 30-Mar-20 19:17:45

Tax Accountant, it's not the most exciting job in the world but the company I work for does interesting things and it's nice to be a part of it

tallah Mon 30-Mar-20 19:18:00

Oh and I go in and out of thinking I love the job then that I hate it and don't care about the money. Depends what day it is. I'm in London tho so that's not a massive salary here to be honest. I'm def not wealthy

SimplySteveRedux Mon 30-Mar-20 19:18:49

I don't work anymore due to disability, however I used to be an internet consultant earning £150k

I've also been a gaming strategist, managing a team of 40, earning circa. £250k

Loved the both of them massively and miss them. I think both options in your question are of similar importance. If you're earning enough to have a decent lifestyle then enjoyment becomes more important.

endoflevelbaddy Mon 30-Mar-20 19:19:07

Specialist key account manager for a pharmaceutical company. I do enjoy it but not sure I'd do it if the pay and benefits weren't as good as they are.

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