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Wearing disposable gloves to supermarket

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Balhammom Sun 29-Mar-20 20:24:38

Curious to know if I’m being OTT or if others are doing this too?

My logic is that I’m going to be handling lots of dirty surfaces that others have also touched. I don’t want to transfer these to my car. Hence, I wear gloves to do my shop and pack, but remove them before getting back into my car. I also immediately disinfect my shopping and (eg) bank card once I get home.

Kenworthington Sun 29-Mar-20 20:36:47

I did all this today too. I did feel a bit of a tit in the gloves tbh but better safe than sorry

LOLeater Sun 29-Mar-20 20:38:13

I did it too. Went through self check out and I’m glad I was wearing them.

Lordamighty Sun 29-Mar-20 20:39:39

Yes I wear gloves now, better safe than sorry.

Doggybiccys Sun 29-Mar-20 20:40:05

As long as you know how to take them
Off without self contaminating and wash hands properly once home then ok. Otherwise pointless,

starrynight19 Sun 29-Mar-20 20:40:55

Saw lots of people in gloves at the supermarket today so don’t feel odd for doing it.

I did see something today though saying gloves aren’t necessary as if they get the virus on them in keeps spreading it.

Who knows , I just tried not to touch my face and scan my shopping so it could go straight in the bags. Didn’t buy any loose produce. And sanitised the trolley handle / scanner and paid by appple pay.

lidoshuffle Sun 29-Mar-20 20:40:59

Quite a few people do do that. All the dirty packages will be in your bags though. You can sanitise your hands before getting in the car.

I find the bigger pain is cleaning the packages once I'm home.

Aderyn19 Sun 29-Mar-20 20:42:08

I stuck my gloves in a ziplock bag after and disinfected them in Milton so I could use them twice. Not sure when I'll be able to get more, so didn't want to bin them.

Saladd0dger Sun 29-Mar-20 20:44:39

Majority of people I served today wore gloves. Many wearing face masks to

Notso Sun 29-Mar-20 20:46:20

No, but I have been using hand sanitiser once the shopping is back in the car.

ISpeakJive Sun 29-Mar-20 20:47:03

I live in the Med and you can’t enter supermarkets here without wearing gloves and sanitising before you enter.

SuburbanFraggle Sun 29-Mar-20 20:47:52

One good thing about gloves is it reduces the face touching. Somehow the feel of fabric/plastic is just not as good and you reduce the number of times you touch your face.

sonjadog Sun 29-Mar-20 20:48:38

I haven't used them because I haven't used them before and I know I wouldn't be able to take them on and off without touching the outside and making the whole thing a waste of time. So I use hand sanitizer before I go in the shop, and as soon as I am back at the car.

Notso Sun 29-Mar-20 20:49:03

I've seen so many people with gloves on touching their face etc so I think they can give a false sense of security.

JustMySize Sun 29-Mar-20 20:49:47

Everyone, customers and staff, should be wearing gloves, a mask and glasses, apparently the virus can enter via the eyes.

IncognitoIsMyFavouriteWord Sun 29-Mar-20 20:51:01

I've worn gloves to open mail, open parcel deliveries for essential items, take the grocery delivery out of the boxes.

Whenever I have to touch something that someone outside of my household has touched I use vinyl gloves.

I'm classed as one of the vulnerable people so I'm not risking anything.

MyCatHasStaff Sun 29-Mar-20 20:52:39

Due to a skin condition, I have open cuts all over my hands so I am wearing gloves. I put them on after I get out of the car, and throw them away after I've returned the trolley.

OneHanded Sun 29-Mar-20 20:53:01

I’ve only been keeping my gloves on because it’s still freezing outside and I ride my bike everywhere!

itsgettingweird Sun 29-Mar-20 20:53:09

Lots of people were wearing them when I went on Saturday.

I wore my cotton excess gloves. Took them off before opening car and put them into a carrier bag. Home and straight into a bucket of washing powder and dried on radiator.

sayanythingelse Sun 29-Mar-20 20:53:30

I've worn them and I've seen plenty of other people wearing them as well. Better than touching a trolley that hundreds of others will have touched.

redsky21 Sun 29-Mar-20 20:55:15

I don't really get the point of wearing gloves. Yes they're good for when you touch trollies, baskets etc but then you touch all your shopping, bags, credit card, keys etc while still wearing the same gloves?

Inniu Sun 29-Mar-20 20:56:37

To enter my local supermarket in Ireland, you queue in the marked out 2 metre distance between people queue, go in when called, you use hand sanitizer, then put on disposable gloves and are given a sanitised trolley. The cashiers are behind Perspex. There are signs everywhere asking you to maintain distance from staff and other shoppers.
Once I put my shopping in the car I took off the gloves, binned them and sanitised hands again.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sun 29-Mar-20 21:00:55

I’m wearing gloves outside the house because it’s still freezing here. I do keep them on if I go in a shop.

minisoksmakehardwork Sun 29-Mar-20 21:02:22

Didn't think about my eczema @MyCatHasStaff. Thanks for the reminder. Especially with all the hand washing lately. It's brutal on my hands.

@redsky21 - I've been sanitising my bags, keys and card as well as shopping when I've come home. It all gets left in the porch and wiped down before coming in. If you can, just take the cards you need rather than your whole purse. It's a lot easier.

Gotthetshirt23 Sun 29-Mar-20 21:02:37

Several pairs left on the floor of the supermarket car park yesterday angry
But wear them , every bit helps

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