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Can this be possible with Corona virus lockdown?

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Whitegrapeandblackberry Sun 29-Mar-20 16:28:26

I've got at least 2 stone to lose, 2 stone 3 lbs to be exact, now that we can't go out and not getting in my long walks is it do able to lose the weight? Any tips would be highly welcome!!

Times10 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:30:11

There’s walking workouts on YouTube, as well as other more strenuous workouts. I’m planning on digging out the wii fit to do some Zumba.

dementedpixie Sun 29-Mar-20 16:32:19

Why cant you go for a walk? Do online exercise routines?

adaline Sun 29-Mar-20 16:32:42

YouTube has plenty of good free workout videos!

Whitegrapeandblackberry Sun 29-Mar-20 16:32:50

Thankyou is walking on the spot as good as a good long walk? Would it still lose the weight? Xx

Times10 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:33:00

And try and track your food intake on my fitness pal. They say you can’t outrun a bad diet, so that might be the best way to start.

DrManhattan Sun 29-Mar-20 16:34:34

Losing weight is 90% food and 10% exercise imo so you should be ok

NuffSaidSam Sun 29-Mar-20 16:34:36

It's possible, but I think it will be harder tbh.

I think it's more about what you eat than exercise so use My fitness Pal.

Get out for a walk or jog if you can. Do a home workout video from youtube.

Good luck!

LittleBoyJuly2020 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:35:13

I think calorie counting is a must, much more than exercise. Being at home all day doesn't burn many cals so if I were you I would keep track and set yourself a calorie number right for you.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and I am keeping an eye on calories, it would be very easy to eat all day and not be active, and that's going to make labour and postpartum twice as hard for me if I don't.

Good luck x (previously lost 6 stone - 16 stone to 10 stone)

thismeansnothing Sun 29-Mar-20 16:36:16

Absolutely. You can lose a good amount of weight without too much exercise anyway. The biggest difference you can make to create a loss is to your eating habits.

I mean if your creative there's still plenty of stuff you can do at home. Just standing up and being on your feet for a few mins every half an hour helps. Going up and down stairs. Marching on the spot during ad breaks. Squats or heal raises while you boil a kettle for a brew. Weights with a few tins or bottles of water. Stepping on and off a step. YouTube workouts. Etc etc etc.

dementedpixie Sun 29-Mar-20 16:36:19

Weight loss is more to do with less food than exercise. Why cant you walk outside? I put youtube body combat on my tv and workout in my living room

EmmaBridgewater20 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:36:36

YouTube workout videos. Love em. Ypu can do them in the garden when the weather’s warm to get some vitamin D. I follow a Spanish fitness blogger called Susana Yabar she does some good no jumping cardio videos which are good if you’re just starting to lose the weight as there’s less pressure on your joints.

JustOneSquareofDarkChocolate Sun 29-Mar-20 16:36:41

It’s all about the food you eat. I’m finding it easier to plan meals - and of course no meals out or takeaways! I’ve lost weight.

GreyishDays Sun 29-Mar-20 16:36:51

You can still go for a long walk?
There’s also lots of videos. What sort of thing are you into/how hard do you want?

EmmaBridgewater20 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:37:28

And yes to the calorie counting, use my fitness pal

JustOneSquareofDarkChocolate Sun 29-Mar-20 16:37:34

And as others have said - you can still walk outside

Gwenhwyfar Sun 29-Mar-20 16:39:17

"Losing weight is 90% food and 10% exercise imo so you should be ok"

For a normal life I'm sure that's true, but I wonder if it is for someone stuck inside. We burn so many calories in daily life going to work and things like that. Lockdown is more than missing your twice weekly gym sessions isn't it? It's almost complete inactivity.

EmmaBridgewater20 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:39:59

It’s not just about the food you eat. I always lose more weight in a week where I have exercised than through calorie counting alone. Plus you’ll look better overall with exercise as well. Which is probably honestly what you want as well as the health benefits.

Acrasia Sun 29-Mar-20 16:41:16

Weight loss is mainly about food. I have lost 8 stone and the first 5 stone was lost without exercising at all. I do exercise now but that is mainly about fitness, and as long as you are doing something that gets your heart rate up and out of breath, you will find yourself getting fitter. There are loads of videos on Youtube for all levels of fitness. I quite like the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home workouts. I am starting to find them less challenging so I’m going give some of the Popsugar videos a try. Good luck, you can do it!

Ynci Sun 29-Mar-20 16:47:54

Acrasia, thanks for that recommendation, I’ve had a look and think that might suit me!
Do you have any other YouTube fitness videos you think are worth a look?

crosspelican Sun 29-Mar-20 16:48:45

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is amazing- take a look through the different series because there is a LOT. Also look for Tracey Anderson Metamorphosis on YouTube - the music is a bit dated but the routine is amazing.

I just signed up for the free 2 week trial of The Class by Taryn Toomey and it’s amazing - calisthenics to brilliant music.

Most of all, stop eating! I’m hungry ALL THE TIME stuck at home. 😭

FamBae Sun 29-Mar-20 16:54:59

Try 'Walk at Home' with Leslie Sansone on You Tube, it's great I did a 5k walk yesterday and have my mum doing the ten or twenty minute walks easy to follow and very effective. I'm also giving the house a blooming good spring clean, doing some gardening and getting out with the dog a couple of times a day. I'm also trying to lose a few pounds, and have dug out a very tight summer dress to hang on my wardrobe door for inspiration and with thoughts of a late summer family get together to look forward to. Luckily I only have myself to cater for so being super strict with myself and not buying crisps, sweets, cakes or biscuits, which is about all there is in my local shop, I'm also fortunate that my daughter bought me a Fitbit for my birthday so am trying to make sure I do my 10,000 steps, its not been plain sailing spent a lot of last week moping around the house, unable to concentrate on anything, trawling the internet and watching the news and trying to get to grips with this new way of life but the sunshine this week really perked me up. Good luck OP smile

Josette77 Sun 29-Mar-20 17:04:44

Weight is mainly food related, for exercise though YouTube is amazing.

PeterPanGoesWrong Sun 29-Mar-20 17:08:44

Try running up and down your stairs,
Or what we call.....moving!

UntamedWisteria Sun 29-Mar-20 17:12:23

I have lost weight without even trying during the past few weeks.

I think it is a coronation of increased anxiety, and being much more careful about not wasting food, because of the issues with re-stocking.

I'm also continuing to run, and doing online yoga.

Looking for an online Pilates class too.

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