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4yr old with v.low temp - what would you do?

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AlexCrowe84 Sat 28-Mar-20 23:29:27

My 4yr old has been a bit coldy recently, but happy enough in herself. Tonight she stayed up later than normal as a treat (9pm, usually asleep by 7:30pm).

As I was getting her ready for bed she was grouchy and tearful which is unlike her, but I put it down to her being over tired. She told me she had a headache, so I gave her 10mls of Calpol and she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

I've just come to bed and checked on her, and she felt really cold, with a cold sweat on her back. I've taken her temperature numerous times in both ears, and the highest reading I got was 34c, with the lowest being 32.8c. My thermometer isn't the most reliable, but it's recording my temperature as between 36.1c and 36.8c so hers is clearly at least a couple of degrees lower than mine. I've tried to wake her gently, but she's having none of it and is in a really deep sleep. I've taken her into the spare room to sleep with me so I can keep an eye on her, and I currently have her wrapped in a dressing gown, cuddled up with me under the duvet.
I'll be checking on her regularly in the night.

Normally I wouldn't hesitate to take her to A&E to get checked over, but with Covid-19 I'm keen to avoid going out with her, especially to hospitals where it's very likely we'll come into contact with it. We have one hospital in our entire county, and it has numerous cases at the moment.

I'm torn over what to do for the best... Google doesn't really have any info on low temperatures with children, apart from talking about hypothermia. But how can it be that? She's not been exposed to anything that would cause it at all.

Advice greatly received - thank you.

Ginfordinner Sat 28-Mar-20 23:30:52


Bridgeofpies Sat 28-Mar-20 23:31:43

Call 111 OP. I think if her temp really is that low it can be a sign of something really serious like Sepsis. In fact, if it is as low as you say and you can’t wake her you might even need an ambulance.

Not to panic you but from what you have said that is very worrying. I am sure I read something recently about these symptoms. Let me try to find it.

SE13Mummy Sat 28-Mar-20 23:31:58

You need to call 111 and get medical advice. The fact that you would normally take her to A&E speaks volumes and suggests you think she's seriously unwell. Please call 111.

ironicname Sat 28-Mar-20 23:32:13

Call an ambulance

BrooHaHa Sat 28-Mar-20 23:32:17

Personally, I'd put the light on and really go for trying to wake her up.

GiveMeAllTheGin8 Sat 28-Mar-20 23:32:19

Phone 111

summerfruitssquash Sat 28-Mar-20 23:32:27

I’d call 111 for advice, definitely! Hope she’s ok OP

BrooHaHa Sat 28-Mar-20 23:32:55

If you can't, then yes, I'd go for an ambulance.

jackstini Sat 28-Mar-20 23:33:04

Definitely call 111
There is a chance it could be something serious if she's not waking up

Tootletum Sat 28-Mar-20 23:33:26

That is worrying. I would have her seen ASAP tomorrow . Not a medic but I've read something about it being a sign of , err, bad stuff.

LemonadePockets Sat 28-Mar-20 23:33:35

Definitely call 111. A low temperature worries me more than a high one. Hope she’s OK

Hellbentwellwent Sat 28-Mar-20 23:33:55

Absolutely 111

In the mean time get some more blankets on her and get her up onto you have you a warm comfy chair in her room that she can lie on you wrapped up while you wait for 111 to call you back?

BrooHaHa Sat 28-Mar-20 23:34:08

Put the lights on and tap her collarbone, calling her name loudly and repeatedly. If that doesn't rouse her, then you call an ambulance and say she's breathing but unresponsive.

Wilmalovescake Sat 28-Mar-20 23:34:26

She’s hypothermic and you can’t rouse her.
For fucks sale, get her seen. NOW.

SE13Mummy Sat 28-Mar-20 23:34:43

Useful checklist here but please get medical advice from a medic.

lyralalala Sat 28-Mar-20 23:35:07

Please wake her properly. If you can't wake her call for urgent help.

Low temperature can be a sign of Meningitis

BrooHaHa Sat 28-Mar-20 23:35:14

I would not bother with 111 unless you can rouse her- it'll take ages to get through.

QueenOfPain Sat 28-Mar-20 23:35:20

You can’t wake her at all?

You need to ring 999.

Bridgeofpies Sat 28-Mar-20 23:35:29

Here it is. A friend posted from the Sepsis trust. A low temp and hard to wake up are real warning signs.

Definitely get medical help.

LouiseTrees Sat 28-Mar-20 23:36:04

32 degrees is almost hypothermia. I know you are saying it’s not a very reliable thermometer but i would wake her up and keep her up and phone either 111 or even 999 if you can’t wake her at all and can’t eg hear her snoring

QueenOfPain Sat 28-Mar-20 23:36:15

I’m a nurse, have worked for 111 and now the OOH GP.

This is a 999 job, don’t wasted time with 111.

worriedmama1980 Sat 28-Mar-20 23:36:26

Ambulance, now.

I lost a family member to sepsis, the speed of the deterioration was incomprehensible to me. You will spend hours on the phone to 111, call 999, tell them you can't rouse her and her temp is coming up between 32 and 34.

schafernaker Sat 28-Mar-20 23:37:20

111 if the queue is massive to get through bundle her into the car and off to a&e. You need some advice

ladymary86 Sat 28-Mar-20 23:39:17

999 - really hope she's ok OP

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