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Aibu to (not) go to hospital? -coronavirus-

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Akasia Thu 26-Mar-20 23:06:44

Have a tongue tie revision booked in for this week at Evelina at St Thomas's. Called them today to check if it is still taking place, seeing all routine ops have been cancelled and they said it is very much going on.
I was very surprised and asked how safe it is to which I was told 'very'.
I am so torn about this, my baby is really struggling, feeding time is a nightmare for both and she is so unhappy. But at the same time I am thinking surely better an unhappy baby (but healthy otherwise) rather than a sick baby if infected with Covid19.

Not sure what I am looking for here, I am pretty sure I will ring in the morning and cancel. Just baffled that it's not been canceled by the hospital, as local hospital we had choice to go to cancelled all routine ops.

PurpleDaisies Thu 26-Mar-20 23:11:48

I would have the tongue tie sorted. What you don’t want to happen is your baby to start losing weight (or not gaining as they should). Then it could well be a hospital admission anyway and if they catch coronavirus it will be much worse for them.

Go, and take super strict precautions with hand washing etc. I can totally understand why you’re worried. flowers

Comtesse Thu 26-Mar-20 23:14:21

I would say Evelina know better than you if this is a good idea or not. If they think it’s not a routine op I wouldn’t go against that. Could make a massive difference to your baby.

LadyGAgain Thu 26-Mar-20 23:15:16

Get it done. The paediatric hospitals are fine. Hope it goes well. thanks

NoRoomInBed Thu 26-Mar-20 23:16:47

I would get it done now before you cant . My wee guy didnt get diagnosed with it until he was 6 months old and by that point the said they didnt do them. Hes still tied now and cant speak we dont know if its tounge tie or not yet. Was ment to see someone 2 weeks ago but it was canceled

Akasia Thu 26-Mar-20 23:17:19

I should add that we stopped breastfeeding due to baby struggling and last few weeks been so difficult, I've not even had time to pump.
So even if ties are sorted breastfeeding is out of the picture.
I have tried to research if worth doing if bottle feeding exclusively but it seems to be mixed reviews on this.
But even with bottle its a struggle, every few ml's she is scream crying and it's a constant fight to get that milk in.

anniefrangipani Thu 26-Mar-20 23:17:54

It's not cancelled because it's not elective - your baby is struggling to feed! She needs milk to live.

Wash your hands when you get home, use the alcohol gel every chance you get, try not to touch your face, and do your best not to worry.

maggiecate Thu 26-Mar-20 23:18:09

Go, get it sorted. They wouldn’t have you come in if they didn’t think the benefits from having the procedure outweigh the risks.

EyeSoLated Thu 26-Mar-20 23:18:14

I'm very surprised they haven't cancelled the appointment. My baby was due his cleft palate surgery there today but it has been cancelled/postponed.

FiveFootTwoEyesOfBlue Thu 26-Mar-20 23:19:38

I would definitely go ahead. If worst case scenario your baby catches covid19 she would in all likelihood have it very mildly.

Bowerbird5 Thu 26-Mar-20 23:21:02

Only certain hospitals are earmarked to Take Coronavirus patients.

mineofuselessinformation Thu 26-Mar-20 23:24:34

OP, you could recommence breastfeeding after your baby has had the tongue tie snipped. It would be your choice of course. (It would naturally take a while before your milk built back up, but it would.)
My dc2 who is in their late teens has been referred to ENT because the tongue tie gets trapped between their bottom front teeth. I wasn't able to breastfeed when they were a baby for reasons that I won't go into here.
I do think it's sensible to get it dealt with, however you are feeding.

WombatStewForTea Thu 26-Mar-20 23:26:53

Get it sorted. The change in my dd when she had her tongue tie snipped was unbelievable. She is so much happier. If it's anything like ours in was in a clinic and I'm sure they'll have sensible measures in place.
Breastfeeding isn't necessarily out just because you've had a few weeks off either according to my breastfeeding support group

Akasia Thu 26-Mar-20 23:43:42

Thank you so much for the replies.

I did not think that I'd still have milk after a few weeks of stopping, it's great to hear that I could start again. The lactation consultant made it sound like I will not be able to breastfeed again if I don't pump every 2h.

With this in mind, I feel that might end up going. But still have to sleep over it and see how I feel in the morning.

@EyeSoLated @NoRoomInBed sorry to hear they've cancelled the appts for your little ones sad seems to me that all nhs trusts are different in their approach. Can you try to get referred somewhere else?

I was also debating going private, away from London, but then I would face similar risks I suppose. What I don't want is to take the risk of going there and then for them to say she's not even tongue tied!! She's been checked by GP who said that it seems she is a little bit and LC who said the same.

WombatStewForTea Thu 26-Mar-20 23:45:46

Your milk won't be there straight away so I believe, and I may be wrong, that you should continue to ff, do as much skin to skin as you can and offer the breast. It's definitely possible but maybe find a different lactation consultant or other support

MiniatureRed Thu 26-Mar-20 23:49:40

I would 100% go if you're committed to continuing to breastfeed.

I'd be scared, but paeds ward is brilliant. You'll be in and out in no time- it's so quick.

DishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Fri 27-Mar-20 00:02:37

It will be completely safe. They aren't going to go ahead with seeing a baby if there's any risk

She won't be anywhere near coronavirus patients, or where they have been. I don't know if it's even a hospital taking covid patients. There will be very few if any other patients, so it will be simple to stay away. Obviously the procedure/ any instruments will be sterile and they will use appropriate PPE.

Operations aren't necessarily being cancelled because they are a risk to individual patients, it is to stop the spread. So continuing with one or two urgent operations is not risky, or seeing one patient at a time, it is bringing lots of patients together.

Your baby needs their tongue tie looking at, and the hospital have deemed it safe to continue. It is obviously your choice, and it is understandable why you are worried but personally I would go ahead.

PotholeParadise Fri 27-Mar-20 01:39:18

OP, I understand your fear, but she's struggling to feed, even from a bottle.

She's not just an unhappy baby. She is a baby at risk of becoming malnourished. They are prioritising her procedure because it is urgent.

JoshArcherStoleMyTractor Fri 27-Mar-20 06:34:22

I managed to re-establish breastfeeding after similar with DS, if you want to I found fenugreek supplements really worked although made my sweat smell funny. If they've assured your it's safe and your baby is struggling to feed go to the appointment

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